FEDORA-2020-ed890c9036 created by dcantrell 3 months ago for Fedora 33

Automatic update for rpminspect-1.0-1.fc33.

* Mon Jun 29 2020 David Cantrell <dcantrell@redhat.com> - 1.0-1
- Use this project's user.name and user.email for Koji builds
- Use YAML for the rpminspect configuration file and profiles
- Reduce the number if (null) prints in debug mode for shellsyntax
- Update README
- Fixes a ValueError if hostname has no periods
- Remove '#include <iniparser.h>' from rpminspect.h
- Install python3-pyyaml in the Docker test environment.
- Use fedora:rawhide for the Docker tests.
- Try multiple ways of finding the kernel development files in
- Syntax error in test_kmod.py
- Force kver in list iteration to a string.
- Update 'hardened' annocheck definition, add another LTO prefix
- Debugging output in inspect_lto.c
- In test_ownership.py, use the built rpminspect rather than a script.
- More debugging output in inspect_lto.c
- In find_lto_symbols(), start at SHT_PROGBITS instead of SHT_SYMTAB.
- In test_symlinks, use built rpminspect rather than a shell script.
- Use built executables in test_upstream.py tests rather than scripts.
- Add '%global __os_install_post %{nil}' to rpmfluff spec headers.
- Make sure man pages we expect gzipped are gzipped in test_manpage.py
- Set QA_SKIP_BUILD_ROOT=1 in %install in test_symlinks.py tests.
- Add '%global __arch_install_post %{nil}' to symlinks spec headers.
- Install kernel-core for the test suite.
- Find the kernel build directory in test/data/derp-kmod/Makefile
- Skip ELOOP symlink tests if rpm >= 4.15.90 is used
- Pass the kernel build directory to derp-kmod/Makefile from
- Install 'make' in the Docker test environment
- Support Linux 5.6.0 struct proc_ops in derp-kmod
- Final derp-kmod fixes for the 5.6.0 and higher kernels.
- rpminspect.conf -> rpminspect.yaml in rpminspect.spec.in
- Set default JVM byte code version to 43 in rpminspect.yaml
- Update the local test instructions to run individual test scripts.
- Report changed files as RESULT_INFO when rebasing packages (#150)
- Ignore missing XML entity definition errors (#148)
- Add some basic verbose output from rpminspect(1)
- Split 'emptyrpm' inspection in to 'lostpayload' and 'emptyrpm' (#147)
- Move _() usage for DESC_* macros to inspect.h
- Handle INSPECT_LOSTPAYLOAD in inspection_desc()
- Search correct files for POTFILES additions.
- Update POTFILES and rpminspect.pot template
- Add DESC_PATHMIGRATION and reformat the struct inspect for reading.
- Small update to the MISSING file.
- Install python3-devel for the test suite.
- Install libffi-devel for the test suite
- Use the rpm Python module in test_syslinks.py to get rpm version.
- Add check_results() to test/baseclass.py
- Report %changelog section differences as INFO (#123)
- Report dangling symlinks as INFO for now (#145)
- Add get_specfile_macros() and get_macros() to librpminspect (#152)
- Fix ELF_K_AR handling in get_elf_machine() (#153)
- Remove stray 7 from an #include line
- Don't worry about EM_BPF objects in ELF_K_AR file types (#153)
- Fix -fPIC loss/gain reporting in the elf inspection (#153)
- Support macros in the Release tag in the 'disttag' inspection (#152)
- Simplify the get_elf_section() function a bit.
- Do not report all after objects without -fPIC as having lost PIC
- Drop eu-elfcmp(1) usage in the changedfiles inspection.
- Rename on_stat_whitelist() to on_stat_whitelist_mode(), fix some
- Add on_stat_whitelist_owner() and on_stat_whitelist_group()
- Ignore debug paths in the symlinks inspection.
- Install 'setup' in the Docker test image
- Add mock(1) in the Docker test environment.
- Remove DEBUG_PRINT for the config file name read in init.c
- Display errno value when getpwnam_r() or getgrnam_r() fail
- Handle missing users and groups from the system
- Add sssd-client to the Docker test environment
- More debugging output while working on Travis-CI problems
- Further Travis-CI debugging for the ownership inspection.
- Continuing to debug this problem in Travis-CI
- And continued Travis-CI test_ownership debugging...
- Fix problem constructing package download URLs in librpminspect.
- Only try to read the UID or GID in the ownership inspection.
- Update translation template file.
- Update po/POTFILES list
- Final getpwnam_r()/getgrnam_r() changes for whitelist.c
- Restrict RPM spec file macro gathering to %define and %global.
- If shdr in _get_elf_helper() is NULL, return NULL.
- s/%%/%/g in results.h
- Account for whitespace other than ' ' on Release: lines (#157)
- Add a new disttag test case to cover tab field separators.
- Ignore multiline macros in get_specfile_macros()
- Add more example data to test_disttag.py to cover recent bug reports.
- Add ignore_path() function to librpminspect
- Expand foreach_peer_file() with use_ignores parameter.
- Revert work-in-place changes in inspect_elf.c so the test suite
- Update the 'ignore' section in rpminspect.yaml
- Expand strreplace() to support removing substrings.
- Trim rpminspect working directory from annocheck(1) details.
- Skip debuginfo files in the annocheck inspection.
- If reltarget is "", do not try to further modify it (#159)
- Add manually-invoked regression testing scripts.
- BR libmandoc-devel >= 1.14.5
- BR libmandoc-devel without specific version for EPEL-7 and F-30
- Make sure all static path buffers use PATH_MAX consistently.
- Support a positional parameter on 'make check' to run part of test
- Followup to the PIC check for static ELF libraries (#153)
- Create TARGET_ARG to get optional target arguments.
- Change *-dtds packages from Requires to Suggests for el8 and fedora.
- 'sort | uniq' -> 'sort -u'
- Rename 'make release' to 'make new-release'; add 'make release'
- Fix build_module() in test_kmod.py

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2020-ed890c9036

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