FEDORA-2020-f400242881 created by remi 2 months ago for Fedora 33

Oct 12 2020, Phan 3.2.3

New features (CLI, Config):

  • Add light_high_contrast support for --color-scheme. (#4203) This may be useful in terminals or CI web pages that use white backgrounds.

New features (Analysis):

  • Infer that parent::someMethodReturningStaticType() is a subtype of the current class, not just the parent class. (#4202)
  • Support phpdoc @abstract or @phan-abstract on non-abstract class constants, properties, and methods to indicate that the intent is for non-abstract subclasses to override the definition. (#2278, #2285) New issue types: PhanCommentAbstractOnInheritedConstant, PhanCommentAbstractOnInheritedProperty, PhanCommentOverrideOnNonOverrideProperty. For example, code using static::SOME_CONST or static::$SOME_PROPERTY or $this->someMethod() may declare a placeholder @abstract constant/property/method, and use this annotation to ensure that all non-abstract subclasses override the constant/property/method (if using real abstract methods is not practical for a use case)
  • Warn about @override on properties that do not override an ancestor's property definition. New issue type: PhanCommentOverrideOnNonOverrideProperty. (Phan already warns for constants and methods)


  • Emit PhanPluginUseReturnValueGenerator for calling a function returning a generator without using the returned Generator. (#4013)

Bug fixes:

  • Properly analyze the right hand side for $cond || throw ...; (e.g. emit PhanCompatibleThrowException) (#4199)
  • Don't infer implications of left || right on the right hand expression when the right hand side has no side effects. (#4199)
  • Emit PhanTypeInvalidThrowStatementNonThrowable for thrown expressions that definitely aren't \Throwable even when warn_about_undocumented_throw_statements is disabled or the throw expression is in the top level scope. (#4200)
  • Increase the minimum requirements in composer.json to what Phan actually requires. (#4217)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2020-f400242881

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