Release notes for xrdp v0.9.17 (2021/08/31)

General announcements

  • Running xrdp and xrdp-sesman on separate hosts is still supported by this release, but is now deprecated. This is not secure. A future release will replace the TCP socket used between these processes with a Unix Domain Socket, and then cross-host running will not be possible.

New features

  • The IP address, port, and user name of NeutrinoRDP Proxy connection are logged in xrdp.log - these connections may not have a sesman log to use (#1873)
  • The performance settings for NeutrinoRDP can be now configured (#1903)
  • Support for Alpine Linux in (#1965)
  • clipboard: log file transfer for the purpose of audit (#1954)
  • Client's Keyboard layout now can be overridden by xrdp configuration for debugging purposes (#1952)

Bug fixes

  • PAM_USER environment variable is not set when using pam_exec module (#1882)
  • Allow common channel settings to be overridden for modules as well as chansrv (#1899)
  • The text only-copy/paste interface for the VNC module (used only when chansrv is not active) has been improved (#1900)
  • The unsupported tcutils utility has been removed (#1943)
  • The quality of TLS logging has been improved (#1926)
  • Keyboard information is now passed correctly through NeuutrinoRDP, and can be overridden if required (#1934)
  • A message is now logged in the sesman log for unsuccessful login attempts detailing the user used (#1947)

Internal changes

  • astyle formatting is now checked during CI builds (#1879)
  • Generalise development build options, and add --enable-devel-streamcheck (#1887)
  • Now uses cppcheck 2.5 for CI builds (#1938)
  • The SCP protocol is now using a standard struct trans for messaging rather than its own thing (#1925)

Changes for packagers or developers

  • The --enable-xrdpdebug developer option has been replaced with finer-grained --enable-devel-* options. Consequently, specifying --enable-xrdpdebug is now an error (#1913)

Known issues

  • On-the-fly resolution change requires the Microsoft Store version of Remote Desktop client but sometimes crashes on connect (#1869)
  • xrdp's login dialog is not relocated at the center of the new resolution after on-the-fly resolution change happens (#1867)

Rebuild of xorgxrdp 0.2.17 against xrdp 0.9.17.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2021-03f5c2ab0a

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