FEDORA-2021-0b3b11c99b created by hobbes1069 2 years ago for Fedora 35

== Version 1.4.3 - Maintenance release

cwio accu_sleep
  * replace milliSleep with new accu_sleep function
  * change activated state of configuration items based on
    port selection
  * change loop timing to use global accu_sleep

A2B freq only
  * add shift-click to A->B button to transfer only
    frequency from vfoA to vfoB
  * add control-click to A->B button to transfer only
    frequency for vfoB to vfoA

vfo adjust
  * change increment to fractional values

start/exit set clock
  * add user configurable commands on program
    . start - immediately after normal start up
    . exit - immediately after normal exit
  * add time sychronization if supported by xcvr
    . xcvr clock synchronized to PC clock on next minute
      rollover, to nearest 50 msec.
    . implemented for these transceiver:
      - ic7100, ic7300, ic7600, ic7610,
        ic7700, ic7800, ic7851
      - FT991, FT991A, FTdx10, FTdx101D, FTdx101MP
        FT1200:time only
      - TS990
    . corrected deactivated controls on some supported xcvrs

  * Add Lab599 TX500 transceiver

cw generator
  * update to timing intervals for CW generator

  * fix table lookups for bandwidth

  * add as independent transceiver backend
    . shares many identical CAT commands to FTdx101D

  * correct read vfo A/B conversion logic

cw invert
  * allow user to specify DTR/RTS either normal (+) or
    inverted(-) signaling.

Power control
  * change to floating point control to allow for
    fractional changes in power level, i.e. 0.1 W / step

  * Add ELAD FDM-DUO qrp transceiver

g90 cw/power/swr
  * set CW/CWR tuning sense
  * update power/swr methods

K3 power level
  * add OM; read for power level min/max/step initialization

Disable Polling
  * USE to test various comms issues between flrig and transceiver
    . allow user to disable polling
    . allow user to disable xmlrpc server

Transmit meters
  * FT991A reported as not showing power out during transmit cycle

cmedia/serial port
  * allow both serial port and cmedia devices to be initialized
    during startup

K3/KX3/KXPA metering
  * correct smeter conversion
  * read KX3 power out when KXPA is in standby mode
  * Add code to read SWR from KXPA if active
    . note: the KXPA100 programmers guide
  * Add get trace for KXPA swr reads

  * Change get/set vfoA/B to use x25, x26 command strings
  * correct set/get bandwidth by mode/data/filter

KX3 ptt/if-shift
  * add get_PTT
  * add reset IF shift control based on current mode
  * add has_ptt_control as test for get_PTT call
  * poll for change in KXPA presence with poll of
    power level setting.  Perform test during both Rx and Tx status

  * use GET OPTIONS to discover KXPA100 presence

kx3 extras
  * add programmed support for KXPA

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-0b3b11c99b

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