FEDORA-2021-1107a89e64 created by csnyder 2 months ago for Fedora 36

Automatic update for subscription-manager-1.29.21-1.fc36.

* Thu Nov 11 2021 Christopher Snyder <csnyder@redhat.com> 1.29.21-1
- 2020248: handle server-side consumer deletion in syspurpose commands
- connection: recognize proxy errors (ptoscano@redhat.com)
* Thu Nov 11 2021 Christopher Snyder <csnyder@redhat.com> 1.29.20-1
- ENT-4279: Switch away from rhsmlib.compat.subprocess_compat
- 2021578: Remove proxy server test as it is unnecessary (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- cockpit: validate SSL connection to mock-insights (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- cockpit: fix hostname of the fake Insights server (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- cockpit: validate the SSL connection to candlepin (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- cockpit: resolve hostname of service machine (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- cockpit: use CANDLEPIN_URL consistently (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- 1719690: Update to message formatting (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- cockpit: account for missing insights-client on non-RHEL systems
- cockpit: skip Insights tests on non-RHEL OSes (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- ENT-4370: Drop old dbus_interface.py (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4278: Drop unittest2 imports (mhorky@redhat.com)
- 1985845: Fix sub-man service-level --show (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- spec: drop non-systemd support (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- spec: drop support for Python < 3 (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- spec: drop support for Fedora < 33 (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- spec: drop support for RHEL < 8 (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- spec: drop support for SUSE < 15 (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- 2015173: chmod /etc/pki/entitlement/*.pem only when existing
- cockpit: port subscriptions info icons to PF4 icons (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: translate some untranslated aria-labels (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: Port Po2JSONPlugin to webpack 5 (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: stop including PF3 - it's not used anymore (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: port Insights dialog remaining non PF4 parts (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: port subscriptions register dialog to Patternfly 4
- cockpit: make default TEST_OS rhel-8-4 (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: port spinners to PF4 spinners (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: replace custom Revealer component with 'ExpandableSection' from PF4
- cockpit: replace pficon and fa classes with svgs form react-icons
- cockpit: remove jquery unused dependency (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: patternfly is a normal dependency - not just dev
- cockpit: update patternfly modules and explicitely specify react-icons
  dependency (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: clean up package.json from unused dependencies and move to webpack 5
- webpack: Use relative resolve path for npm 7 compatibility
- cockpit: Stop using a custom Select, use the one from PF instead
- cockpit: checkout Cockpit's PF/React/build library instead of keeping a
  direct copy of it locally (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- cockpit: update npmshrinkwrap file (kkoukiou@redhat.com)
- Use pytest --forked for D-Bus unit tests (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- Support of python3 of zypper rhsm script (suttner@atix.de)
- 2003777: Fix organizations hint in syspurpose commands (mhorky@redhat.com)
- Small style changes of d-bus server and d-bus unit tests (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- * Removed GLib.threads_init() (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- Added cleanup for one patcher; fixed some comments. (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- cockpit: skip RHEL 9 tests using insights-client (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- cockpit: fix system installation of subscription-manager
- cockpit: wait 5 seconds for candlepin at first (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- cockpit: use the self-signed key in mock-insights (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- test: Building requires gcc (mmarusak@redhat.com)
- test: Tell tests about rhel-9 package manager (mmarusak@redhat.com)
- facts: drop dead/unused code from CleanupCollector (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- 1989955: use /proc/device-tree/ibm,partition-uuid on POWER LPARs
- facts: prepare _get_devicetree_uuid() for multiple files
- facts: refactor device-tree parts of VirtUuidCollector (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- cockpit: Move from obsolete node-sass to Dart sass (martin@piware.de)
- Cloud-what: Make saving token file more robust (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- Fix redundant API calls to Candlepin (hyu@redhat.com)
- Remove i-notify watchers on the end of the loop (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- build: pin flake8 to < 4 (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Only rpmlint our specfiles (csnyder@redhat.com)
- Version our obsoletes of syspurpose and the container plugin
- Remove unnecessary comment and sles/suse tests (csnyder@redhat.com)
- ENT-4273: Drop usage of six.moves (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4379: Remove function make_utf8 (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4087: Fix flake8 error E722 (mhorky@redhat.com)
- make spec file SUSE / Open Build Service compliant (p.seiler@linuxmail.org)
- 2003777: Only hint organizations if it's needed (mhorky@redhat.com)
- Drop old GUI docs leftovers (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- tests: drop no more needed rhsm_display (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- build: remove old specific check for GUI file (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Drop async_utils & its tests (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Remove rhsm-icon leftovers (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- build: remove unused detect_overindent function (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- build: drop lxml leftovers (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- build: drop Glade leftovers (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Add rhsm proxy support to apt-transport-katello (suttner@atix.de)
- ENT-4289: Drop Sphinx (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4340: Resolve deprecation warnings (mhorky@redhat.com)
- Fixed one unused import of six (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- ENT-4272: Remove Python 2 conditionals (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4274: Remove six.assert* methods (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4275: Switch away from six.BytesIO and six.StringIO (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4082: Fix flake8 error E265 (mhorky@redhat.com)
* Thu Sep 23 2021 Christopher Snyder <csnyder@redhat.com> 1.29.19-1
- ENT-4083: Fix flake8 error E402 (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4085: Fix flake8 error E713 (mhorky@redhat.com)
- 2003777: Show available organizations before asking for input
- ENT-4302: Remove "u" prefix from strings (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4326: Drop "-*- coding" comment (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4277: Drop __future__ imports (mhorky@redhat.com)
- 1979323: Cockpit - do not show red red icon in SCA mode (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- Remove outdated comments from the coverage Jenkins job (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4252: Migrate from nose to pytest (mhorky@redhat.com)
- Debian / Ubuntu multi-architectures support
- Translated using Weblate (Spanish) (ehespinosa57@gmail.com)
- 1859157: Display better error message on incorrect --org (mhorky@redhat.com)
- New D-Bus method GetOrg() (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- 1924338: list prints not status and dates in SCA mode (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- 1983144: More useful feedback on unknown argument (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4089: Fix flake8 error E741 (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4090: Fix flake8 error F821 (mhorky@redhat.com)
- Translated using Weblate (Italian) (toscano.pino@tiscali.it)
- Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN)) (ljanda@redhat.com)
- ENT-4091: Fix flake8 error F841 (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4228: Format rhsmlib exception (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4228: Always format restlib exceptions (mhorky@redhat.com)
- Update exception handling (mhorky@redhat.com)
- Drop unused M2Crypto bits (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- 1995465: Do not use deprecated collections.MutableMapping
- New extraction for translatable strings (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- 1983074: Remove invalid log level (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4213: Remove deprecated pep8 package (mhorky@redhat.com)
- build: switch to os.makedirs(..., exist_ok=True) (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- build: call create_dest_dir() only when running callback
- flake8: enable E131, E714 (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- 1859569: Abort on invalid username/token option in syspurpose commands
- Drop logging.conf (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Drop long-dead sat5to6 script (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Drop RHN migration (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- 1922151: Add /var/cache/cloud-what to python3-cloud-what RPM.
- ENT-164: Remove ga_loader importer (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-164: Drop rhsm-gtk (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-164: Drop subscription-manager-gui & rhsm-icon (mhorky@redhat.com)
- Add minimal documentation for the plugins directories (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- ENT-4168: Unify description of --org in syspurpose subcommands
- 1922151: Use in-memory cache on AWS too (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- Move zypper plugins to an own directory (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Move dnf plugins to an own directory (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Move libdnf plugins to an own directory (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Drop support for YUM plugins (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Drop YUM plugins (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Add 'syspurpose' to list of commands in manpage (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4152: Drop initial-setup addon (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-4136: Drop firstboot support (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-3764: Change comments to follow Conscious language initiative
- ENT-3764: Update variable names in hwprobe.py (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-3764: Update project URLs to new versions (mhorky@redhat.com)
- ENT-3764: Remove BLACKLISTED_LOCALES (mhorky@redhat.com)
- 1980418: Add 'active' field to module stream profile (ianballou67@gmail.com)
- repos: document order of --enable & --disable (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- 1984133: repos: respect order of --enable & --disable (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Include D-Bus sender in User-Agent http header; Singleton
- hwprobe.py: Fix counting cores per cpu for Fujitsu A64FX CPU
- flake8: enable E121, E122, E123, E126, E127, E128 (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- flake8: disable E122 for test/test_utils.py (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- Wrap first argument/element in function calls & containers
- Fix indentation of some continuation lines (ptoscano@redhat.com)
- 1974641: Fix tab completion with multiple optional commands
- 1876828: Try to suppress errors in stderr when not run as root
- 1977452: typo in string format change Add quotes to a {filename} and remove
  an extra space. (tmerry@redhat.com)
- Update translation files (noreply@weblate.org)
- 1976240: Improve HTTP code/message reporting in error strings
- Added new stage for running libdnf unit tests. (jhnidek@redhat.com)
- make sure gpg key download doesn't fail because of private certs

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