FEDORA-2021-15099ac503 created by tdawson a year ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for anaconda-35.18-1.eln112.

* Mon Jun 28 2021 Martin Kolman <> - 35.18-1
- Use yescrypt hashing method for shadow passwords (besser82)
- Intercept OSError thrown by crypt.crypt() on error. (besser82)
- Add tests for system time setting (awilliam)
- Fix time setting for daylight savings, let Python do the work (awilliam)
- Update the pixel depth of xvnc server from 16 to 24 (rvykydal)
- Change the Python version to 3.10 in the makeupdates script (vponcova)
- Enable running container tests in parallel (jkonecny)
- Fix broken hashbang (vslavik)
- Fix typo in release docs (vslavik)
- Clean up the initialization of PartTypeSpoke (vponcova)
- Run installation tasks from ConfigureBootloaderWithTasks (vponcova)
- Add the CollectConfigureBootloaderTasks method (vponcova)
- Add the ConfigureBootloaderWithTasks method (vponcova)
- Add suggestions to kickstart error message in liveinst (vslavik)
- Fix potential use of uninitialized variable (vslavik)
- Fix potential use of uninitialized variable (vslavik)
- Fix literal curly braces in dracut scripts (vslavik)
- Fix logging messages (vslavik)
- Remove RPM_TESTS_ARGS support (jkonecny)
- Disable failing test (jkonecny)
- Disable pylint error in tests (jkonecny)
- Disable glade tests (jkonecny)
- Migrate rpm_tests to python3 unittest framework (jkonecny)
- Rename rpm_tests to make them discoverable by unittest framework (jkonecny)
- Fix tests README file (jkonecny)
- Change NOSE_TESTS_ARGS to a similar logic for unittest framework (jkonecny)
- Fix services after nosetests renaming to unit_tests (jkonecny)
- Rename nosetests execution scripts and vars to unit_tests (jkonecny)
- Rename nosetests folder to unit-tests (jkonecny)
- Make it possible to skip install time Insights errors (#1931069) (mkolman)
- Run our unit tests with unittest python3 framework (jkonecny)
- Rename all unit tests methods to use test_* prefix (jkonecny)
- Rename all tests files to make them discoverable by unittest (jkonecny)
- Remove the upd-updates script (vslavik)
- Remove the merge-pr script (vslavik)
- Apply the bootloader options before the installation (vponcova)

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