• Wed Mar 24 2021 Jakub Jelinek jakub@redhat.com 11.0.1-0.3
  • update from trunk
  • PRs analyzer/99614, c++/99239, c++/99283, c++/99318, c++/99425, c++/99456, c++/99480, c++/99687, c/99588, fortran/93660, fortran/99688, rtl-optimization/99680, target/97252, target/97926, target/98914, target/99540, target/99581, target/99652, target/99660, target/99661, target/99663, target/99679, target/99702, target/99704, target/99733, tree-optimization/99296, tree-optimization/99656, tree-optimization/99694, tree-optimization/99721

  • Fri Mar 19 2021 Jakub Jelinek jakub@redhat.com 11.0.1-0.2

  • update from trunk
  • PRs c++/90448, c++/96268, c++/96749, c++/97973, c++/98480, c++/98704, c++/99047, c++/99108, c++/99238, c++/99248, c++/99285, c++/99423, c++/99436, c++/99459, c++/99472, c++/99496, c++/99500, c++/99507, c++/99508, c++/99509, c++/99528, c++/99601, c++/99613, c++/99617, fortran/49278, fortran/96983, fortran/97927, fortran/98858, fortran/99125, fortran/99205, fortran/99345, fortran/99514, fortran/99545, ipa/99517, libstdc++/99172, libstdc++/99341, libstdc++/99413, libstdc++/99536, libstdc++/99537, middle-end/97631, middle-end/98266, middle-end/99502, middle-end/99641, objc++/49070, sanitizer/98920, target/98092, target/98959, target/99070, target/99094, target/99102, target/99422, target/99437, target/99454, target/99463, target/99464, target/99492, target/99504, target/99542, target/99563, target/99592, target/99600, testsuite/97680, testsuite/98245, testsuite/99292, testsuite/99498, testsuite/99626, testsuite/99636, tree-optimization/98834, tree-optimization/99305, tree-optimization/99489, tree-optimization/99510, tree-optimization/99523, tree-optimization/99544
  • fix ARM ICE in neon_output_shift_immediate (#1922599, PR target/99593)
  • avoid false positive aarch64 -Wpsabi notes in some cases (PR target/91710)
  • fix a -fcompare-debug failure caused by C FE bug (PR debug/99230)
  • fix up -gdwarf-5 -gsplit-dwarf ranges handling (PR debug/99490)
  • fix up handling of > 64 bit constants in dwarf2out (PR debug/99562, PR debug/66728)
  • reject invalid C++ structured bindings that need reference to void (PR c++/99650)
  • include private isl 0.18 in the package instead of relying on old distro version

  • Sun Mar 7 2021 Jakub Jelinek jakub@redhat.com 11.0.1-0.1

  • update from trunk
  • PRs ada/98996, ada/99020, ada/99095, ada/99264, analyzer/96374, analyzer/99193, bootstrap/92002, bootstrap/98590, c++/82959, c++/88146, c++/90333, c++/94521, c++/95451, c++/95615, c++/95616, c++/95675, c++/95822, c++/96078, c++/96330, c++/96443, c++/96474, c++/96960, c++/97034, c++/97587, c++/98118, c++/98318, c++/98810, c++/98990, c++/99009, c++/99103, c++/99120, c++/99166, c++/99170, c++/99176, c++/99213, c++/99245, c++/99251, c++/99287, c++/99294, c++/99344, c++/99362, c++/99365, c++/99374, c++/99377, c++/99389, c/99137, c/99275, c/99304, c/99323, c/99324, c/99325, c/99363, d/99337, debug/66668, debug/99090, debug/99319, fortran/57871, fortran/99300, fortran/99303, fortran/99355, gcov-profile/97461, gcov-profile/99105, gcov-profile/99385, gcov-profile/99406, ipa/98078, ipa/98338, libbacktrace/98818, libfortran/81986, libfortran/99218, libgomp/98738, libstdc++/99265, libstdc++/99270, libstdc++/99301, libstdc++/99382, libstdc++/99396, middle-end/93235, middle-end/94655, middle-end/95757, middle-end/96963, middle-end/97172, middle-end/97855, middle-end/99276, middle-end/99281, middle-end/99295, middle-end/99322, other/99288, rtl-optimization/99376, target/44107, target/48097, target/95798, target/98996, target/99085, target/99234, target/99271, target/99279, target/99313, target/99321, target/99381, testsuite/99233, tree-optimization/80635, tree-optimization/99253
  • fix debug info for __fp16 constants (PR debug/99388)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-24a09a05bc

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