FEDORA-2021-27f79ecb23 created by mcsontos 2 years ago for Fedora 35

Automatic update for lvm2-2.03.11-1.fc35.

* Mon Feb 22 2021 Marian Csontos <> - 2.03.11-1
- Fix mpath filtering of NVMe devices.
- Check if lvcreate passes read_only_volume_list with tags and skips zeroing.
- Limit pool metadata spare to 16GiB.
- Improves conversion and allocation of pool metadata.
- Fix different limits used for metadata by lvm2 and thin-tools.
- Fix interrupting lvconvert --splitcache command with striped origin volumes.
- Fix problem with wiping of converted LVs.
- Fix memleak in scanning.
- Fix corner case allocation for thin-pools.
- Fix pvck handling MDA at offset different from 4096.
- Partial or degraded activation of writecache is not allowed.
- Enhance error handling in fsadm and handle correct fsck result.
- Dmeventd lvm plugin ignores higher reserved_stack lvm.conf values.
- Support using BLKZEROOUT for clearing devices.
- Fixed interrup handling.
- Fix block cache when device has too many failing writes.
- Fix block cache waiting for IO completion with failing disks.
- Add configure --enable-editline support as an alternative to readline.
- Enhance reporting and error handling when creating thin volumes.
- Enable vgsplit for VDO volumes.
- Lvextend of vdo pool volumes ensure at least 1 new VDO slab is added.
- Restore lost signal blocking while VG lock is held.
- Improve estimation of needed extents when creating thin-pool.
- Use extra 1% when resizing thin-pool metadata LV with --use-policy.
- Enhance --use-policy percentage rounding.
- Allow pvmove of writecache origin.
- Report integrity fields.
- Integrity volumes defaults to journal mode.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-27f79ecb23

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