FEDORA-2021-2cc799b15d created by zpytela a year ago for Fedora 35

Automatic update for selinux-policy-3.14.8-4.fc35.

* Wed Feb 24 2021 Zdenek Pytela <> - 3.14.8-4
- iptables.fc: Add missing legacy entries
- iptables.fc: Remove some duplicate entries
- iptables.fc: Remove duplicate file context entries
- Allow libvirtd to create generic netlink sockets
- Allow libvirtd the fsetid capability
- Allow libvirtd to read /run/utmp
- Dontaudit sys_ptrace capability when calling systemctl
- Allow udisksd to read /dev/random
- Allow udisksd to watch files under /run/mount
- Allow udisksd to watch /etc
- Allow crond to watch user_cron_spool_t directories
- Allow accountsd watch xdm config directories
- Label /etc/avahi with avahi_conf_t
- Allow sssd get cgroup filesystems attributes and search cgroup dirs
- Allow systemd-hostnamed read udev runtime data
- Remove dev_getattr_sysfs_fs() interface calls for particular domains
- Allow domain stat the /sys filesystem
- Dontaudit NetworkManager write to initrc_tmp_t pipes
- policykit.te: Clean up watch rule for policykit_auth_t
- Revert further unnecessary watch rules
- Revert "Allow getty watch its private runtime files"
- Allow systemd watch generic /var directories
- Allow init watch network config files and lnk_files
- Allow systemd-sleep get attributes of fixed disk device nodes
- Complete initial policy for systemd-coredump
- Label SDC(scini) Dell Driver
- Allow upowerd to send syslog messages
- Remove the disk write permissions from tlp_t
- Label NVMe devices as fixed_disk_device_t
- Allow rhsmcertd bind tcp sockets to a generic node
- Allow systemd-importd manage machines.lock file

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-2cc799b15d

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