codec2-1.0.0-2.fc34.2, freedv-1.6.0-1.fc34, & 2 more

FEDORA-2021-39513a0a6a created by hobbes1069 2 years ago for Fedora 34

Update the FreeDV stack to latest version and rebuild dependencies.

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User Icon tyrbiter commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

All looks fine for me, very useful updates.

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2 years ago

This update contains an soname bump in codec2 (libcodec2.so.0.9 -> libcodec2.so.1.0). Is this intentional? At the very least, it renders some packages (ffmpeg) from third-party repos uninstallable.

I had forgotten that I had to uninstall gnuradio and its dependencies, so gnuradio at least needs a rebuild for the codec2 update.

Sorry about that, I keep forgetting there are other consumers for codec2 these days beyond Ham Radio (FreeDV).

Can I rebuild ffmpeg before this goes stable? I forget how that works. Or do I need a buildroot override?

ffmpeg is from RPMFusion on my system, currently it doesn't seem to have codec2 in the ldd output

Looks like the whole gnuradio, gqrx, gr-iqbal and volk packages are a mess of depemdency contradictions, so this is not simple to resolve

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  • gnuradio-

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