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UnrealIRCd 5.2.0

This is UnrealIRCd 5.2.0, a release with lots of new features. The two main new features are: an improved and more flexible anti-flood block and channel history which can now be stored encrypted on disk and allows clients to fetch hundreds/thousands of lines.

Notice from upstream: UnrealIRCd 5.2.0 is the direct successor to 5.0.9/ There will be no further 5.0.x releases, in particular there will be no 5.0.10.

The only configuration change is in the set::anti-flood block (as explained further down under "Enhancements"). When starting UnrealIRCd will give clear instructions if anything needs to be changed (and what). This process is really minor, the server will usually tell to just delete a few old lines from the configuration file.


  • The set::anti-flood block has been redone so you can have different limits for unknown-users and known-users.
    • As a reminder, by default, known-users are users who are identified to services OR are on an IP that has been connected for over 2 hours in the past X days. The exact definition of "known-users" is in the security-group block.
    • See for more information on the layout of the new set::anti-flood block.
    • All violations of target-flood, nick-flood, join-flood, away-flood, invite-flood, knock-flood, max-concurrent-conversations are now reported to opers with the snomask f (flood).
  • Add support for database encryption. The way this works is that you define an encryption password in a secret { } block. Then from the various modules you can refer to this secret block, from set::reputation::db-secret, set::tkldb::db-secret and set::channeldb::db-secret. This way you can encrypt the reputation, TKL and channel database for increased privacy.
  • Add optional support for persistent channel history:
    • This stores channel history on disk for channels that have both +H and +P set.
    • If you enable this then we ALWAYS require you to set an encryption password, as we do not allow storing of channel history in plain text.
    • If you enable the option, then the history is stored in data/history/ in individual .db files. No channel names are visible in the filenames for optimal privacy.
    • See on how to enable this. By default it is off.
  • Add support for IRCv3 draft/chathistory:
  • The maximums for channel mode +H have been raised and are now different for +r (registered) and -r channels. For unregistered channels the limit is now 200 lines / 31 days. For registered channels the limit is 5000 lines / 31 days. The old limit for both was 200 lines / 7 days. These maximums can be changed in the now slightly different set::history::channel::max-storage-per-channel block.
  • Add c-ares and libsodium version output to boot screen and /VERSION.
  • WHOX now supports displaying the reputation score. If you are an IRCOp then you can use e.g. WHO * %cuhsnfmdaRr.
  • Add ability to spamfilter message tags via the new T target. Right now it would be unusual to use this, but some day when we have more message tags it may come in handy.
  • Support +draft/reply IRCv3 client tag. Can be used by bots (and others) to indicate to what message people are replying to. This module, reply-tag, is loaded by default.
  • Send draft/bot IRCv3 message tag if the user has mode +B set.
  • Websockets: add support for clients to negotiate an explicit type via Sec-WebSocket-Protocol, instead of only the default type from listen::websocket::type. This is based on an IRCv3 websocket draft specification. Note that UnrealIRCd refuses type text if your configuration allows non-UTF8 characters in channel or nick names because it would lead to security and compatibility issues.
  • set::restrict-commands: new option exempt-tls which allows SSL/TLS users to bypass a restriction.


  • Server squiting the wrong side. Often harmless, but when (re)connecting rapidly to multiple servers with autoconnect this could cause the network to fall apart.
  • Forbid using extended server bans in ZLINE/GZLINE since they won't work there.
  • Extended server ban ~a:accname was not working for shun, and only partially working for KLINE/GLINE.
  • More accurate /ELINE error message.


  • Channel mode +H always showed time in minutes (m) until now. From now on it will show it in minutes (m), hours (h) or days (d) depending on the actual value. E.g. +H 50:7d.
  • If you have zero log blocks then we already automatically logged errors to ircd.log. From now on we will log everything (not only errors) to that file.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-41c4395600

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