FEDORA-2021-43235d8d31 created by jakub a year ago for Fedora 35

Automatic update for gcc-11.0.1-0.5.fc35.

* Sun Apr 18 2021 Jakub Jelinek <> 11.0.1-0.5
- update from trunk
  - PRs analyzer/98599, analyzer/99042, analyzer/99212, analyzer/99774,
    analyzer/99886, analyzer/99906, analyzer/100011, c++/41723, c++/49951,
    c++/52202, c++/52625, c++/58123, c++/80456, c++/83476, c++/88742,
    c++/90215, c++/90479, c++/90674, c++/91241, c++/91849, c++/91933,
    c++/92918, c++/93085, c++/93295, c++/93314, c++/93867, c++/94529,
    c++/95317, c++/95486, c++/95870, c++/96311, c++/96673, c++/96873,
    c++/97121, c++/97134, c++/97679, c++/97974, c++/98440, c++/98800,
    c++/98852, c++/99008, c++/99066, c++/99118, c++/99180, c++/99201,
    c++/99380, c++/99478, c++/99700, c++/99803, c++/99806, c++/99833,
    c++/99844, c++/99850, c++/99859, c++/99874, c++/99885, c++/99899,
    c++/99901, c++/99961, c++/99994, c++/100006, c++/100032, c++/100054,
    c++/100078, c++/100079, c++/100091, c++/100101, c++/100111, c/98852,
    c/99420, c/99972, c/99990, d/99812, d/99914, d/99917, debug/99830,
    fortran/63797, fortran/99307, fortran/99817, fortran/100018,
    fortran/100094, jit/100096, libfortran/78314, libgomp/99984,
    libstdc++/96657, libstdc++/99402, libstdc++/99433, libstdc++/99805,
    libstdc++/99985, libstdc++/99995, libstdc++/100044, libstdc++/100060,
    lto/98599, lto/99849, lto/99857, middle-end/55288, middle-end/84877,
    middle-end/84991, middle-end/84992, middle-end/86058,
    middle-end/90779, middle-end/98088, middle-end/99883,
    middle-end/99989, preprocessor/99446, rtl-optimization/98601,
    rtl-optimization/98689, rtl-optimization/99596,
    rtl-optimization/99905, rtl-optimization/99929,
    rtl-optimization/100066, sanitizer/99877, sanitizer/100114,
    target/87763, target/99246, target/99647, target/99648, target/99748,
    target/99767, target/99781, target/99872, target/100028,
    target/100048, target/100056, target/100067, target/100075,
    testsuite/99955, testsuite/100071, testsuite/100073,
    tree-optimization/82800, tree-optimization/97513,
    tree-optimization/98736, tree-optimization/99873,
    tree-optimization/99880, tree-optimization/99924,
    tree-optimization/99947, tree-optimization/99954,
- for %{rhel} == 9, default to -march=z14 -mtune=z15 on s390x and
  to -mcpu=power9 -mtune=power9 on ppc64le

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-43235d8d31

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