FEDORA-2021-5f82c67468 created by mgrabovs a year ago for Fedora 35

Automatic update for retrace-server-1.24.0-1.fc35.

* Mon May 24 2021 Packit Service <> - 1.24.0-1
- Release version 1.24.0-1 (Matěj Grabovský)
- spec: Recommend httpd dependency (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Do not clean c2p_log and Containerfile (Matěj Grabovský)
- spec: Migrate old home directory in post scriptlet (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace_worker: Fix container name for vmcores (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Rename Dockerfile to Containerfile globally (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace_worker: Fix paths to vmcore in Podman backend (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace_worker: Guess OS release from kernelver (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace_worker: Update arguments to podman run (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace_worker: Fix undefined variable error (Matěj Grabovský)
- r-s-reposync: Fix type error (Matěj Grabovský)
- config: Add typing annotations (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Major refactoring of Podman backend code (Matěj Grabovský)
- r-s-reposync: Slight refactoring (Matěj Grabovský)
- r-s-reposync-faf: Add logging (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Do not delete Dockerfile and c2p log (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Code style tweaks (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace_worker: Simplify path construction (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Fix type error (Matěj Grabovský)
- doc: Document metrics feature (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Disable metrics by default (Matěj Grabovský)
- metrics: Add an endpoint exposing task metrics (Matěj Grabovský)
- spec: Add missing dependency on coreutils (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Factor out path to ps (Matěj Grabovský)
- doc: Slight style and info update (Matěj Grabovský)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-5f82c67468

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