FEDORA-2021-5ff0ffc95a created by hobbes1069 a year ago for Fedora 33

Version 1.4.0

  • Update version . new rigs . corrected rig methods . major change to serial i/o resulting in significantly faster xcvr polling and a change in poll selection to on/off

Widget Labels/Hints * modify the GUI struct to include both widget label and hint texts . struct GUI { Fl_Widget* W; int x; int y; int w; string label = ""; string hint = ""; }; where W = 0 terminates a GUI array w = 0 defeats resize/placement of widget

Elecraft/Icom/Kenwood * KX3 . added IOselect timout initialization for the KX3 transceiver very slow to respond to query after many set operations. changed IOselect to 500 msec . corrected code in many of the class methods . changed user interface to better support the xcvr front panel functions . correction to preamp cat control * K3/KX3 vfos . swap/copy A/B vfos . allow independent control of A/B vfos * IC705/7100/7200/7300 mode sense . Correct logic for detecting transceiver CW mode sideband sense * Faster Icom Access . update to class methods for Icom transceivers . update to Icom base class . update to serial port support * IC7000 preamp bug - correct CAT string . remove use of IC746PRO get_preamp method * IC9700 attenuator/preamp, modify control . internal / external on/off . remove disable attenuator when preamp on . fix attenuator control strings * TS480 preamp . Correct get response string size test . add get check when setting attenuator or preamp

PowerSDR Split * add get/set split

FTdx1200 * Correct bandwidth tables

cwio bug * cwio did not properly release the serial thread bypass

FT857/897 mods * start / exit changes similar to FT817/818 series * add get/set split

IC7300 split * fix UI update when split changed at xcvr

PowerSDR * changes to class methods

Socket i/o * Change timing & block sizes for tcpip connection

XmlRpcClient * Add thread mutex to client implementation

Code cleanup * remove code which generates compiler warnings

FT817/818 * Code fixes for 817, 817BB and 818 . change check method to include repeated reads waiting for response to vfo read request . add check to all set methods that might change the band / mode state; including selectA /selectB

Locked passband tuning * Correct logic for locked Icom passband tuning

cw-dtr * allow user to specify character used for prosigns

KX3/OS-X serial * added serout statements to ReadBuffer to test KX3 / MacOS connectivity problems

tod monotonicity * change computation of tod in msecs

TS480xx * Restored xcvr specific control methods. Generic Kenwood methods not correct to this TS480 transceivers * modify TS480HX/SAT get split display

terminal debug * remove all std::cout debug statements

notch * correct support code for notch slider control

IC serial * Add timeout to waitFOR, waitFB * Update IC705, IC9700

K2/K3/KX3 * Update read calls . response to some commands is to go mute for > 500 msec * Update K2 trace statements . change all occurances of waitN to wait_char * Update KX3 trace statements

File Organize * Use single function for IF; retrieval. Query only if last IF; query was > 200 msec in past. * Kenwood transceivers . Move all TS.cxx files into rigs/kenwood . Move all TS.h files into include/kenwood * Yaesu transceivers . Move all rigs/FT...cxx to rigs/yaesu .Move all include/FT...h to include/yaesu * Icom transceivers . Move all rigs/IC...cxx to rigs/icom . Move all include/IC...h to include/icom * TenTec transceivers . Move all rigs/TTcxx to rigs/tentec . Move all include/TTh to include/tentec * Xiegu transceivers . Move all rigs/Xiecxx to rigs/xiegu . Move all include/Xieh to include/xiegu * Other transceivers . Move all other cxx to rigs/other . Move all other h to include/other

serial comms * modify serial i/o to accept . number of return bytes - 14 . return of required string - ";", "xFB" . return of two required strings - "xFE xFE x93 xE0", "xFD" * add IOselect test and wait to ReadBuffer * correct for missing btnAux... controls on wide UI * add get after set for all polled parameters * change IC7000 get_trace output

PowerSDR update * add new functionality to PowerSDR class

paradigm shift * complete change to rx/tx polling . deprecates poll interval setting . deprecates poll function selection

Kenwood Xcvr trace * add trace get debugging statements TS480HX, TS590S, TS590SG, TS2000, PowerSDR

IC7100/7300 * add trace code to measure transceiver CI-V response times

Serial Port Timeouts * Recover from a temporary loss of serial port . ham tripped on the wires - clumsy oaf . ham using too much power, RFI - frequency hog . ham turned off transceiver before flrig - alas poor Yorick, I knew him well * Change Icom serial interface to work with or without CI-V echo enabled.

xml server * disable push_xml for all xmlrpc gets * add set_verify classes * change set classes for fast response always * depreate classes

Duplicate RTS/DTR buttons * Duplicate the initial state of RTS/DTR buttons on xcvr setup and ptt setup panels

Polling Config * Add QSK to 'all' * Correct compensation label

Icom Performance * Tune serial port response on Icom transceivers

CW via xmlrpc command * convert xmlrpc command string into DTR/RTS keying . tested with IC7300 DTR keying on primary serial port both using flrig keyer dialog and rpc calls from fldigi and flrig-shell script. Excellent performance 10 to 50 wpm.

TMD710 * add Kenwood TMD710 support

Documentation * Add help section for Memory Dialog

Paradigm shift * Complete rewrite of set/get for all clients . flrig UI is client . remote tcp/ip is client . xmlrpc connections are clients . all clients created equal * All transceiver specific code must reside only in the specific transceiver class methods * Separate flrig client code from generic support code * implemented: . xmlrpc get/set vfoA/B . xmlrpc get/set modeA/B . xmlrpc get/set PTT * Add new xmlrpc commands which set vfo / ptt / mode without requiring transceiver feedback confirmation . set_force_vfoA . set_force_vfoB . set_force_PTT

FT817/8 * Added FT818ND * Yaesu has found that the undocumented "BB" command adds undue read/write wear to the FT-81x flash and Yaesu no longer can get this type of flash. Rather than damaging the radios, Yaesu eliminated the command from the FT-818 onwards. The undocumented CAT commands previously used in the FT-817 driver will still work on the older radios, but run the risk of permanently disabling the rigs.

  Based on this information, there are now two FT817 interface selections
  . FT817 - only uses documented commands
    flrig will not report which VFO is in use and will simply toggle between
    VFO A and B rather than going directly to either one.
  . FT817BB - uses undocumented commands in read-only mode
    flrig will report which VFO is in use and will going directly to either one.
* FT818ND does not use undocumented cat commands

Tx Queue * force pending tx queue actions whenever PTT is invoked

FT450/D * Correction to inoperative methods * Add AGC / RFGAIN controls to FT450

macOS Info.plist * fix script file

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-5ff0ffc95a

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