FEDORA-2021-761673351f created by hobbes1069 a year ago for Fedora 33

Version 1.3.54 Wed Feb 3 07:35 2021

PowerSDR * Added PowerSDR transceiver * compatible with Thetis

TS2000 * test for NR; response of ?;

hcomm INVALID HANDLE VALUE * initialize hcomm to invalid handle value when creating new WIN32 class instance * test for open port before attempting to reopen close port if necessary

External close command * Fix shutdown segmentation fault encountered during shutdown initiated by external xmlrpc command

Check PTT * add check for NON CAT ptt configuration

xmlrpc server * correction to data types * change zmsec computation * allow xmlrpc requests for get/set_power & get_pwrmeter direct access to xcvr i/o. * add xmlrpc command rig.tune . enable transceiver tune function * update xmlrpc server method list to correctly indicate signature <ret:arg> types * rewrite set numeric as integer * add xml_trace statements to get/set . volume, mic gain, rf gain, power control

IC7300 * Add get/set trace statements

FT817ND * add trace statements for testing

FT847 * add get_modetype

macOS serial ports * update serial port detection function

BigSur serial ports * Modify port discovery for Big Sur naming convention

Break-in * Add break-in selection for transceivers which support set / get CAT commands for break-in - Icom, Yaesu - Change enable_break_in to set_break_in - Add get_break_in . method . polling

Bands * Add missing 1.2 GHz save/restore

IC7300 power table * modify power table conversion method

Pmax * return maximum available power to rig.get_pwrmax

Autostart * Changes to transceiver autostart methods in supported transceivers

IC7100 auto ON/OFF * rewrite autostart processing to show time for xcvr setup. 7100 takes about 5 seconds from a CAT wakeup command to when it can process additional commands

Trace/Debug * Disable text widget update if respective dialog not visible * Clear Fl_Text_Display buffer when buffer length exceeds 100000 This will prevent excessive use of memory and possibility of segmentation fault caused by the text display widget.

FT736R update * added mode type method

xmlrpcpp tracing

TOD clock * correction to millisecond field

Icom sliders * adjust min power for 7100, 7300, 9100, 9700

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-761673351f

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