FEDORA-2021-8327d870f9 created by submachine a week ago for Fedora 36

Automatic update for glibc-2.34.9000-14.fc36.

* Thu Oct 14 2021 Arjun Shankar <arjun@redhat.com> - 2.34.9000-14
- Adjust glibc-ld-readonly-revert.patch.
- Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
  commit e59ced238482fd71f3e493717f14f6507346741e:
- x86: Optimize memset-vec-unaligned-erms.S
- x86: Optimize memcmp-evex-movbe.S for frontend behavior and size
- libio: Update tst-wfile-sync to not depend on stdin
- elf: Update audit tests to not depend on stdout
- elf: Fix elf_get_dynamic_info definition
- Add TEST_COMPARE_STRING_WIDE to support/check.h
- Fix nios2 localplt failure
- elf: Remove Intel MPX support (lazy PLT, ld.so profile, and LD_AUDIT)
- resolv: Avoid GCC 12 false positive warning [BZ #28439].
- benchtests: Add medium cases and increase iters in bench-memset.c
- x86: Modify ENTRY in sysdep.h so that p2align can be specified
- resolv: make res_randomid use random_bits()
- Linux: implement getloadavg(3) using sysinfo(2)
- Remove unreliable parts of rt/tst-cpuclock2
- elf: Avoid nested functions in the loader [BZ #27220]
- Add run-time check for indirect external access
- Initial support for GNU_PROPERTY_1_NEEDED
- io: Fix ftw internal realloc buffer (BZ #28126)
- Fix subscript error with odd TZif file [BZ #28338]

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User Icon codonell commented & provided feedback 3 days ago

Dynamic loader does not function when invoked indirectly.

Bodhi is disabling automatic push to stable due to negative karma. The maintainer may push manually if they determine that the issue is not severe.

3 days ago

This update has been obsoleted by glibc-2.34.9000-15.fc36.

3 days ago

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