FEDORA-2021-8d05af5617 created by remi 6 months ago for Fedora 35

Version 3.2.0


  • 3425: Improve ConnectionTest by triggering real exceptions thanks to @grongor
  • 4622: Add events for Transaction begin/commit/rollBack. thanks to @Warxcell and @mariusbalcytis
  • 4685: Support for more drivers on PHP 8.1 thanks to @morozov
  • 4746: Platform-aware schema comparison thanks to @morozov
  • 4844: Get view definition for SQL Server thanks to @kitloong
  • 4855: Test AbstractPlatform::getLengthExpression() thanks to @morozov
  • 4894: Refactor MySQLi statement to make it unaware of the connection thanks to @derrabus
  • 4910: Remove redundant reference assignment thanks to @kamil-tekiela
  • 4918: Remove redundant assert thanks to @kamil-tekiela
  • 4925: Remove obsolete define() check thanks to @derrabus
  • 4928: Basic exception handling for SQL Server thanks to @morozov
  • 4929: Basic exception handling for IBM DB2 thanks to @morozov
  • 4948: Accept PDO as a Connection constructor argument thanks to @morozov
  • 4949: Accept connection object/resource as a driver connection constructor argument thanks to @morozov
  • 4950: Accept driver-level statement as a wrapper-level statement constructor argument thanks to @morozov
  • 4957: Accept the underlying statement as an oci8 statement constructor argument thanks to @morozov
  • 4967: Introduce logging middleware thanks to @morozov
  • 4986: Add return types to private and final methods thanks to @derrabus


  • 4624: Deprecate doctrine/cache in favor of psr/cache thanks to @derrabus
  • 4681: Deprecate TableGenerator thanks to @morozov
  • 4688: [GH-4687] Deprecate Connection::lastInsertId($name) thanks to @morozov
  • 4707: Introduce consistent Comparator API thanks to @trompette
  • 4724: Deprecate redundant AbstractPlatform methods thanks to @morozov
  • 4743: Deprecate reference from foreign key to its referencing table thanks to @morozov
  • 4751: Deprecate VersionAwarePlatformDriver and ServerInfoAwareConnection thanks to @morozov
  • 4753: Deprecate AbstractPlatform::getNowExpression() thanks to @morozov
  • 4755: Deprecate AbstractPlatform::getName() thanks to @morozov
  • 4785: Deprecate not passing $fromColumn to ColumnDiff thanks to @morozov
  • 4789: Deprecate features of Table::getColumns() thanks to @morozov
  • 4802: Platform API cleanup thanks to @morozov
  • 4805: Deprecate AbstractPlatform::canEmulateSchemas() thanks to @morozov
  • 4812: Deprecate Schema::getTableNames() thanks to @morozov
  • 4814: Deprecate AbstractAsset::getFullQualifiedName() thanks to @morozov
  • 4821: Deprecate AbstractSchemaManager::getSchemaSearchPaths() thanks to @morozov
  • 4822: Deprecate schema methods related to explicit foreign key indexes thanks to @morozov
  • 4839: Deprecate the Constraint interface thanks to @morozov
  • 4897: Deprecate AbstractSchemaManager::dropAndCreate() and ::tryMethod() methods thanks to @morozov
  • 4969: Declare SQLite as not supporting CREATE|DROP DATABASE thanks to @morozov
  • 4999: Use sprintf('%d') like in DB2, SQLServer and Oracle to harden against wrong limit and offset thanks to @nickvergessen
  • 4920: Remove redundant code in mysqli Result thanks to @kamil-tekiela
  • 4898: Use the driver API to begin a transaction on mysqli thanks to @morozov
  • 4887: Remove mysqli_report() call thanks to @derrabus
  • 4869: mysqli::real_connect may be called with null $flags thanks to @mondrake
  • 4871: OracleSchemaManager::_getPortableTableColumnDefinition throws deprecations on PHP 8.1 thanks to @mondrake


  • 1125: DBAL-1182: No schema difference detected when changing length of a text field thanks to @doctrinebot
  • 2566: Column altering in migration from TEXT to LONGTEXT may not apply. thanks to @janokary
  • 2663: Comparator fails for BLOBS thanks to @thomashohn
  • 2930: Comparator doesn't see changes in the length of TextType field thanks to @WhiteEagle88
  • 4178: DDC-2043: Extra cache operation in DBAL\Cache\ResultCacheStatement.php thanks to @doctrinebot
  • 5003: Always cache the full result thanks to @morozov
  • 5020: Fix hardcoded varchar default length thanks to @mvorisek


  • 4857: Merge AbstractPostgreSQLPlatformTestCase into PostgreSQLPlatformTest thanks to @morozov
  • 4891: Bump PHPStan level to 8 thanks to @greg0ire
  • 4951: Detect driver in tests based on configured driver name thanks to @morozov
  • 5008: Refactor query caching tests thanks to @morozov

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2021-8d05af5617

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