FEDORA-2021-8dbedeaacc created by jkonecny a year ago for Fedora 35

Automatic update for python-simpleline-1.8-1.fc35.

* Mon Feb 22 2021 Packit Service <user-cont-team+packit-service@redhat.com> - 1.8-1
- New version - 1.8 (Jiri Konecny)
- Add missing make command to spec file (Jiri Konecny)
- Don't translate the prompt keys (Vendula Poncova)
- Enable daily build for Anaconda-devel COPR repository (Jiri Konecny)
- Use Fedora container registry instead of Dockerhub (Jiri Konecny)
- Migrate COPR daily COPR builds to Packit (Jiri Konecny)
- Test build on Fedora ELN (Jiri Konecny)
- Remove packit get-current-action (Jiri Konecny)
- Run tests in GitHub workflow (Martin Pitt)
- Fix raise-missing-from (W0707) pylint warnings (Martin Pitt)
- Fix pylint to check test code correctly (Jiri Konecny)
- Use script to run unit tests (Jiri Konecny)
- Use relative imports in tests (Jiri Konecny)
- Change directory structure of unit tests (Jiri Konecny)
- Fix documentation of _process_screen method (Jiri Konecny)
- Fix pylint issues (Jiri Konecny)
- Use pylint instead of pocketlint (Jiri Konecny)
- Add coverage support (Jiri Konecny)
- Make link to exmples directory in Readme (Jiri Konecny)
- Fix homepage of the project in setup.py (Jiri Konecny)
- Fix classifiers in setup.py (Jiri Konecny)
- Add pypi-upload to Makefile (Jiri Konecny)
- Use correct variant of the field (Jiri Konecny)
- Propose Fedora update only to Fedora in development (Jiri Konecny)
- Add upstream tag template to packit for releasing (Jiri Konecny)
- Packit will download archive from Source0 if needed (Jiri Konecny)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2021-8dbedeaacc

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