FEDORA-2021-91523c200e created by bpeck/ 3 years ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for dnf-4.6.0-1.eln108.

* Thu Jan 28 2021 Nicola Sella <> - 4.6.0-1
- Update to 4.6.0
- Log scriptlets output also for API users (RhBug:1847340)
- Fix module remove --all when no match spec (RhBug:1904490)
- yum.misc.decompress() to handle uncompressed files (RhBug:1895059)
- Make an error message more informative (RhBug:1814831)
- Add deprecation notice to help messages of deplist
- Remove Base._history_undo_operations() as it was replaced with transaction_sr code
- cli/output: Return number of listed packages from listPkgs()
- Clean up history command error handling
- [doc] Describe install with just a name and obsoletes (RhBug:1902279)
- Add api function fill_sack_from_repos_in_cache to allow loading a repo cache with repomd and (solv file or primary xml) only (RhBug:1865803)
- Packages installed/removed via DNF API are logged into dnf.log (RhBug:1855158)
- Support comps groups in history redo (RhBug:1657123,1809565,1809639)
- Support comps groups in history rollback (RhBug:1657123,1809565,1809639)
- Support comps groups in history undo (RhBug:1657123,1809565,1809639)
- New optional parameter for filter_modules enables following modular obsoletes based on a config option module_obsoletes
- Add get_header() method to the Package class (RhBug:1876606)
- Fix documentation of globs not supporting curly brackets (RhBug:1913418)
* Tue Jan 26 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 4.5.2-2
- Rebuilt for

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