FEDORA-2021-ad09256cac created by m4rtink a year ago for Fedora 35

Automatic update for anaconda-35.13-1.fc35.

* Tue Apr 27 2021 Martin Kolman <> - 35.13-1
- Disable ELN for our unit and rpm tests (jkonecny)
- Disable ELN builds for Packit (jkonecny)
- Fix unit test for previous commit (sbonazzo)
- Add hotfix for Ubuntu hosts for container refresh (jkonecny)
- ovirt / rhv: drop swap partition (sbonazzo)
- Fix the broken rootless podman on Ubuntu 20.04 20210419.1 (vponcova)
- Increase the minimal suggested size for /boot (vslavik)
- Support bond device activated in initramfs from kickstart (rvykydal)
- fix tests for RHV (sbonazzo)
- rhvh: fix EULA path for RHV-H (sbonazzo)
- Adapt tests to the new ostree user defined mount points (#1906735) (jkonecny)
- Fix RPMOSTree mount to the non-existing directory (#1906735) (jkonecny)
- Use the software selection cache in TUI (vponcova)
- Add the SoftwareSelectionCache class (vponcova)
- Add the get_software_selection_status function (vponcova)
- Add the is_software_selection_complete function (vponcova)
- Clean up the collect_platform_requirements function (vponcova)
- Add the match_available_packages method to the DNF manager (vponcova)
- Add the is_package_available method to the DNF manager (vponcova)
- Remove product-specific data from the Anaconda stylesheet (vponcova)
- s: make it better (vslavik)
- Replace use of imp with importlib in collect() (vslavik)
- Document the issue about the ignoredisk command and installation sources
- Describe the common bug in the Issue paragraph (vponcova)
- Run RHEL COPR builds on kstest (vslavik)
- Allow to use no default product configuration (#1947939) (vponcova)
- Make sure rhsm.service is running at Anaconda startup (mkolman)
- Add display-related dependencies (vslavik)
- Set up the Storage spoke in TUI on every entry (vponcova)
- subscription: allow dates in ISO 8601 format (ptoscano)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-ad09256cac

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