FEDORA-2021-ad8a5550b1 created by heffer a year ago for Fedora 34
  • Feature: Toggle to enable/disable vsync (#8997)

  • Feature: Volume controls in the Game Options window, and better defaults (#8943)

  • Add: Hotkey to focus object and rail filters (#8908)

  • Add: Better plural support for Romanian (#8936)

  • Change: Improve layout and spacing of several windows at different GUI scales (#9041, #9042, #9044, #9050)

  • Change: [Win32] Use user UI language setting for initial language selection (#8974)

  • Change: Make effect volume scale more intuitively (#8945, #8950)

  • Change: Improve padding of Object & Rail station windows (#8929)

  • Fix #6322: [Script] Crash when script allocates too much memory, now kills script instead (#9047)

  • Fix #7513: [Script] Crash on garbage collection with misbehaving script (#9040)

  • Fix #9028: [OpenGL] Crash when changing max sprite zoom level (#9032)

  • Fix #8874: show a warning when a NewGRF scan is requested multiple times (#9022)

  • Fix: Desync when GS unlocks railtype with wagon unlock (#9021)

  • Fix #9015: [Win32] Crash on running "pwd" command in the console (#9016)

  • Fix #9008: Validate starting year given on the command line (-t) (#9014)

  • Fix #8878: [Network] Slow DNS queries could block the server and disconnect clients (#9013)

  • Fix: Improve validation of OpenGL video driver to avoid crashes (#9007)

  • Fix: Credits scrolled too slowly with larger font sizes (#8994)

  • Fix #8977: Crash when altering max sprite resolution (#8993)

  • Fix #8956: Industry disaster news messages showed the wrong location (#8992)

  • Fix: [Win32] Font glyphs of certain widths had broken rendering (#8990)

  • Fix #8930: [Win32] Duplicate text input issue for systems using IME (#8976)

  • Fix: [Network] Potential stale client entries in client list (#8959)

  • Fix: Graphical issues when dragging measurement tooltips (#8951)

  • Fix: [Fluidsynth] Use provided default soundfont if available (#8948, #8953)

  • Fix #8935: [macOS] Crash on save (#8944)

  • Fix #8922: Crash when selling shared vehicles with shared vehicle window open (#8926)

  • Fix: Compiling on armhf (Raspberry Pi) (#8924)

With 1.11 we bring you a lot of new features which you hopefully enjoy as much as we did creating them:

  • Performance improvements - Fast-Forward is now so fast, there is a setting to rate limit it (on by default).
  • Improved World Generation GUI - 100% rainforest maps are now available if you so request.
  • Towns can now grow with tunnels too - finally they can escape the hills!
  • Filter on name in many more windows - for those that enjoy playing with one too many NewGRFs.
  • Plant trees with a brush in Scenario Editor - it is like painting, but with trees.
  • A new titlegame for this release by Chrnan6710, who won this year’s competition.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-ad8a5550b1

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This update has obsoleted openttd-1.11.0-1.fc34, and has inherited its bugs and notes.

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