FEDORA-2021-c0c2d5389c created by m4rtink a year ago for Fedora 35

Automatic update for anaconda-35.16-1.fc35.

* Wed May 26 2021 Martin Kolman <> - 35.16-1
- Add kickstart tests support for RHEL-9 branch (#infra) (jkonecny)
- Add a log message for successful installation (vslavik)
- Remove base container from kickstart-test workflow (#infra) (jkonecny)
- Change the description of "Encrypt my data" in the custom partitioning spoke
- Use anaconda-iso-creator container to build boot.iso (#infra) (jkonecny)
- Use consistent shell formatting in kickstart-tests workflow (#infra)
- Rename lorax_build_container in kickstart-tests workflow (#infra) (jkonecny)
- Add Dockerfile for lorax iso build with Anaconda (#infra) (jkonecny)
- Remove the configuration file for Fedora Workstation Live (vponcova)
- Rename the configuration file for CentOS Stream (vponcova)
- Remove the configuration file for CentOS Linux (vponcova)
- Don't set the home directory to None (#1960803) (vponcova)
- Enable back ELN Anaconda daily builds (jkonecny)
- Add nightly builds also for ELN containers (jkonecny)
- Enable debug output when building containers (#infra) (jkonecny)
- Show mount points for other types of actions (#1953134) (vponcova)
- Populate the missing keyboard values before the payload installation
- Clarify how branches are merged back for contributors to pick a target
- Install kbd-legacy if keyboard layout is "fi" (#1955793) (awilliam)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-c0c2d5389c

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