FEDORA-2021-c10fba03e4 created by lzachar 8 months ago for Fedora 36

Automatic update for tmt-1.8.0-1.fc36.

* Thu Sep 30 2021 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar@redhat.com> - 1.8.0-1
- Add support for reboot in a reused provision
- Solve the reboot race condition
- Adjust the current git remote improvement
- Use current git remote for url in fmf-id
- Implement option to exit after first failure
- Clarify and update spec for the discover step
- Adjust the multihost test specification
- Add the multihost testing specification
- Make run --force behave more expectably
- Increase duration for tests using containers
- Rename soon-to-be deprecated resultcallback
- Remove the minute.obsolete provision plugin
- Document how to create a new minor/major release
- Explicitly mention '.' as special value for names
- Add Github Action for PyPI releases
- Improve fetching remote environment files
- Adjust the check for rsync before pull and push
- Install `rsync` before guest.pull()
- Second chapter of the Guide: Under The Hood
- Simplify the search for step method options
- Produce better errors for unsupported plugins
- Add more ignored files, categorize gitignore more
- Extend .gitignore with a few more common patterns
- (robin/master) Export fields of a case should be checked by lint
- Adjust the bugzilla support in test export
- Test export can link case to bugzilla
- Document the support for `open` key in html report
- Allow html report to be opened by plan
- Require essential packages for tmt testing
- Skip the docs test until the Sphinx issue is fixed

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2021-c10fba03e4

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