FEDORA-2021-c286a02b90 created by sgallagh 10 months ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for gcc-11.2.1-6.eln114.

* Tue Oct 19 2021 Jakub Jelinek <> 11.2.1-6
- update from releases/gcc-11-branch
  - PRs target/100208, target/100316, target/102761
- fix up libstdc++ docs build
* Mon Oct 18 2021 Jakub Jelinek <> 11.2.1-5
- update from releases/gcc-11-branch
  - PRs fortran/102716, libstdc++/65816, libstdc++/90787, libstdc++/99876,
    libstdc++/100187, libstdc++/100237, libstdc++/100249,
    libstdc++/100287, libstdc++/100606, libstdc++/100863,
    libstdc++/101483, libstdc++/101583, libstdc++/101589,
    libstdc++/101599, libstdc++/101761, libstdc++/101870,
    libstdc++/101923, libstdc++/101960, libstdc++/102048,
    libstdc++/102074, libstdc++/102270, libstdc++/102280,
    libstdc++/102425, libstdc++/102592, libstdc++/102667,
    rtl-optimization/102627, target/100340, target/102588
- add mwaitintrin.h on x86 (#2013860)
- disable LTO bootstrap on 32-bit arm, 6 days long build and counting
  isn't acceptable, build boxes don't have enough memory and are too
* Tue Oct 12 2021 Jakub Jelinek <> 11.2.1-4
- update from releases/gcc-11-branch
  - PRs ada/101970, c++/60318, c++/64697, c++/88578, c++/91292, c++/95567,
    c++/98216, c++/98486, c++/99904, c++/100495, c++/101344, c++/101592,
    c++/101803, c++/101883, c++/102163, c++/102295, c++/102305,
    c++/102412, c++/102454, c++/102496, c++/102535, c++/102547,
    c++/102548, c++/102640, d/102185, d/102574, debug/102373,
    debug/102441, fortran/46691, fortran/82314, fortran/85130,
    fortran/87737, fortran/98490, fortran/99819, fortran/100950,
    fortran/101327, fortran/101349, fortran/102113, fortran/102287,
    fortran/102311, fortran/102366, fortran/102458, fortran/102520,
    ipa/97565, libgomp/96661, libstdc++/100180, libstdc++/100285,
    libstdc++/100286, libstdc++/100351, libstdc++/100682,
    libstdc++/101965, middle-end/101824, middle-end/101949,
    rtl-optimization/102306, sanitizer/102515, target/94630, target/97142,
    target/100734, target/101471, target/101472, target/101492,
    target/101549, target/101849, target/101934, target/102035,
    target/102107, target/102115, target/102166, target/102222,
    target/102224, target/102498, tree-optimization/101925,
    tree-optimization/102046, tree-optimization/102124,
    tree-optimization/102400, tree-optimization/102451,
- remove the PR libstdc++/99341 workaround for Fedora 35 and later,
  the std::once_flag::_M_activate() and std::once_flag::_M_finish(bool)
  symbols (mangled as _ZNSt9once_flag11_M_activateEv and
  _ZNSt9once_flag9_M_finishEb) aren't part of upstream GCC 11 and were
  present only because not all packaged have been successfully rebuilt
* Mon Aug 23 2021 Jakub Jelinek <> 11.2.1-3
- update from releases/gcc-11-branch
  - PRs c++/100828, c++/101663, c++/101725, c++/101759, c/100150, c/101512,
    d/96435, d/101127, d/101441, d/101490, d/101619, d/101640, d/101664,
    debug/101905, fortran/99351, fortran/101084, fortran/101514,
    fortran/101536, fortran/101564, gcov-profile/89961,
    gcov-profile/100788, ipa/100600, ipa/101261, ipa/101726,
    libstdc++/100139, libstdc++/101056, libstdc++/101258,
    libstdc++/101510, libstdc++/101866, middle-end/101624,
    preprocessor/101638, sanitizer/101749, target/94780, target/100952,
    target/101132, target/101531, target/101723, testsuite/101969,
    tree-optimization/101373, tree-optimization/101505,
- add bundled(libbacktrace) and bundled(libffi) provides
- build target shared libraries with -Wl,-z,relro,-z,now
- improve generated code with extern thread_local constinit vars
  with trivial dtors
- add support for C++20 #__VA_OPT__
- fix up %ldconfig_scriptlets
* Fri Jul 30 2021 Jakub Jelinek <> 11.2.1-2
- enable LTO profiledbootstrap on all arches, and also for RHEL9+

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