• Edits
  • If you made a typo, just press the Up key and edit what you wrote.
  • Messages other users edited will get updated automatically and have a small pen symbol next to them.
  • Privacy Screen
  • Blur your messages, when Nheko looses focus, which prevents others from peeking at your messages.
  • You can configure the timeout of when this happens.
  • Improved notifications (contributed by lorendb)
  • No more breakage, because the message included a > on KDE based DEs.
  • Render html and images where possible in the notification.
  • Render if a message is a reply or someone sent an emote message more nicely where possible.
  • Encrypted notifications now show, that the content is encrypted instead of being empty.
  • Screenshare support in calls on X11 (contributed by trilene)
  • Share your screen in a call!
  • Select if your mouse cursor should be shown or not and if your webcam should be included.
  • SEND MESSAGES AS RAINBOWS! (contributed by LordMZTE)


  • Set your displayname and avatar from Nheko either globally or per room. (contributed by jedi18)
  • Show room topic in the room settings.
  • Double tap a message to reply to it.
  • Leave a room using /part or /leave. (contributed by lorendb)
  • Show mxid when hovering a username or avatar.
  • Allow opening matrix: uris on Windows.
  • Disable room pings caused by replies sent via Nheko (unless you are using Element Web/Desktop).


  • Userprofile can be closed via the Escape key. No more hotel california! (contributed by lorendb)
  • Most dialogs are now centered on the Nheko window. (contributed by lorendb)
  • Update Hungarian translations. (contributed by maxigaz)
  • Update Estonian translations. (contributed by Priit)
  • Update Russian translations. (contributed by Alexey Murz and Artem)
  • Update Swedish translations. (contributed by Emilie)
  • Update French translations. (contributed by MayeulC, Nicolas Guichard and Carl Schwan)
  • Allow drag and drop of files on the whole timeline. (contributed by lorendb)
  • Enable notifications on Haiku. (contributed by kallisti5)
  • Update scheme handler to the latest matrix: scheme proposal.
  • Close completers when typing a space after the colon. (contributed by jedi18)
  • Port room settings to Qml. (contributed by jedi18)
  • Improved read marker handling. Read marker should now get stuck less often.
  • Various changes around hover and tap handling in the timeline, which hopefully now works more predicatably.
  • Buttons in the timeline are now rendered in a box on hover on desktop platforms.
  • Complete room links in the timeline after typing a # character. (contributed by jedi18)
  • An improved quick switcher with better rendering and search. (contributed by jedi18)
  • Some fixes around inline emoji and images.
  • Jump into new rooms, after you created them. (contrubuted by jedi18)
  • Improved search in the emoji picker.
  • Allow disabling certificate checks via the config file.
  • Use native menus where possible.
  • Fix video playback on Windows. (contrubuted by jedi18)
  • Send image messages by pressing Enter. (contributed by salahmak)
  • Escape closes the upload widget. (contributed by salahmak)
  • Improve session rotation and sharing in E2EE rooms.


  • Emojis joined from separate emojis with a 0xfe0f in the middle should now render correctly.
  • Fix a bug when logging out of a non default profile clearing the wrong profile. (contrubuted by lorendb)
  • Various fixed around profile handling. (contributed by lorendb)
  • Focus message input after a reaction. (contributed by jedi18)
  • Disable native rendering to prevent kerning bugs on non integer scale factors.
  • Fix duplex call devices not showing up. (contributed by trilene)
  • Fix a few crashes when leaving a room. (contributed by jedi18)
  • Fix hidden tags not updating properly. (contributed by jedi18)
  • Fix some issues with login, when a server had SSO as well as password login enabled (for example matrix.org).
  • Properly set the dialog flag for dialogs on most platforms. (Wayland does not support that.)
  • Properly add license to source files.
  • Fix fingerprint increasing the minimum window size.
  • Don't send markdown links in the plain text body of events when autocompleting user or room names.
  • Fix webcam not working in flatpaks.
  • Fix markdown override in replies.
  • Fix unsupported events causing errors when saving them. (contributed by anjanik)
  • Fix exif rotation not being respected anymore in E2EE rooms.
  • Remove unused qml plugins in the windows package.
  • Fix broken olm channels automatically when noticed.
  • Fix pasting not overwriting the selection.
  • Fix Nheko sometimes overwriting received keys with keys it requested, even if they have a higher minimum index.

Packaging changes

  • Added xcb dependency on X11 based platforms for screensharing (optional)
  • Bumped lmdbxx version from to 1.0.0, which is a BREAKING change. You can get the new version here: https://github.com/hoytech/lmdbxx/releases (repo changed)
  • Removed tweeny as a dependency.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2021-dc3f07793a

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BZ#1951076 mtxclient-0.5.1 is available
BZ#1951077 nheko-0.8.2-rc2 is available

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