FEDORA-2021-e54b790bff created by m4rtink a year ago for Fedora 35

Automatic update for anaconda-35.15-1.fc35.

* Mon May 17 2021 Martin Kolman <> - 35.15-1
- Make the coverage status about tests informational (vponcova)
- network: check NM availability before running some methods (#1937185)
- Migrate from pytz to zoneinfo, list (close to) all time zones (miro)
- Change logic in NFS validation (vslavik)
- Avoid a race condition during Connect to Red Hat spoke initialization
- Tweak dependabot configuration (jkonecny)
- Use .codecov.yml from the main branch (vponcova)
- Fix boot options generated by the dracut module (vponcova)
- Simplify the code for working with kickstart repositories (vponcova)
- Remove the _enabled_repos property of the DNF payload (vponcova)
- Remove the addons property of the DNF payload (vponcova)
- Move post installation scripts to the end of queue (lveyde)
- Add support for repomd.xml hashes to the DNF manager (vponcova)
- Deduplicate dependency metapackages (vslavik)
- Do not use pip cache when building containers (#infra) (vslavik)
- Revert "Use GitHub environment gating for kstests workflow" (#infra)
- Move NTP server dialog to its own file (vslavik)
- Simplify the unit tests with DNF repositories (vponcova)
- Test GetFormatTypeData for all format types (vponcova)
- Add the repositories property to the DNF manager (vponcova)
- Remove comments about ConditionArchitecture (vslavik)
- Add common bug with incomplete VG because of ignoredisk (jkonecny)
- Fix AskVNCSpoke call (vslavik)
- Improve X startup error messages (vslavik)
- Terminate X server after timeout and restore crash test handler (vslavik)
- Reorganize control flow in startX (vslavik)
- Handle SIGUSR1 correctly after Xorg timeout (vslavik)
- Refactor minor details in startX (vslavik)
- Small fixups of metacity replacement. (rvykydal)
- Remove unnecessary workaround to always build ELN containers (#infra)
- Remove temp workaround to solve podman issue on GH runners (#infra)
- makebumpver: allow BZ to be also in POST (#infra) (rvykydal)
- scripts: do not require "Fixed in version" set for release (#infra)
- Remove github-action-run-once script from anaconda-ci (#infra) (jkonecny)
- Clean DNF to make the anaconda-rpm container smaller (#infra) (jkonecny)
- Add the load_repository method to the DNF manager (vponcova)
- Add a badge with the current coverage (vponcova)
- Configure (vponcova)
- Upload coverage to (vponcova)
- Add base repo name for CentOS Stream after repository renaming (jkonecny)
- Remove parse-kickstart tests which don't test anything useful (rvykydal)
- Fix basic dracut parse-kickstart tests for network configuration (rvykydal)
- Fix parse-kickstart bridge test (rvykydal)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-e54b790bff

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