FEDORA-2021-f0f51c7490 created by mgrabovs a year ago for Fedora 35

Automatic update for retrace-server-1.23.0-1.fc35.

* Wed Mar 10 2021 Packit Service <> - 1.23.0-1
- Release version 1.23.0-1 (Matěj Grabovský)
- fedora: Add Fedora 34 to version list (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Be more careful when reading task status (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace_worker: Add backtrace to log when a task fails with error (Pierguido Lambri)
- retrace: Fix "file not found" when the archive contains directories (Pierguido Lambri)
- r-s-cleanup: Improve regex (Matěj Grabovský)
- r-s-cleanup: Use a constant instead of signal number (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Add timeout to Podman commands (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Check if directory exists before iterating (Matěj Grabovský)
- r-s-cleanup: Replace loop with list comprehension (Matěj Grabovský)
- r-s-cleanup: Pretty-print elapsed process time (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Work with elapsed process time in seconds (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Shorten regex for matching workers (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Replace loop with generator (Matěj Grabovský)
- util: Pythonic way to check for suffix (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Minor code style improvements (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Correct stripping of epoch number (Matěj Grabovský)
- util: Repair parsing regexes (Matěj Grabovský)
- test: Prepend to PATH in Meson script (Matěj Grabovský)
- test: Factor out paths to executables (Matěj Grabovský)
- test: Repair test script (Matěj Grabovský)
- test: Code style fixes and cleanup (Matěj Grabovský)
- test: Add Meson script for testing (Matěj Grabovský)
- spec: Update build prerequisites for tests (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Factor out path to Podman executable (Matěj Grabovský)
- hooks: Warn if config directory does not exist (Matěj Grabovský)
- r-s-worker: Don't check user in testing mode (Matěj Grabovský)
- util: Improve regexes for parsing problem data (Matěj Grabovský)
- Update translations (Jenkins Automation Server)
- spec: Recommend logrotate (Michal Židek)
- Update translations (Jenkins Automation Server)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-f0f51c7490

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