Changes in coq 8.14.0:

Changes in gappa 1.4.0:

Changes in gappalib-coq 1.5.0:

  • ensured compatibility from Coq 8.8 to 8.14
  • proved fixed_error_up, _zr, _na, and fixed_round_na
  • proved abs_a

Changes in ocaml-menhir 20211012:

  • Fix a bug in the code back-end which, in some rare cases, could lead to computing an incorrect position. (The table back-end was not affected.) A necessary (but not sufficient) condition for the bug to appear was to mark an epsilon production as %inline.

Changes in ocaml-zmq 5.1.4:

  • Fix build with OCaml 4.13 (#108, #110, @Leonidas-from-XIV)

Changes in zenon 0.8.5:

  • Maintenance release to make Zenon compatible with newer versions of OCaml (4.07.0 to 4.11.1) and Coq (8.6 to 8.12.0).

The flocq build is a simple rebuild due to the coq update.

The why3 and frama-c builds are also rebuilds due to the coq update, but required patches to make them work with coq 8.14.0. Both packages also dropped support for XEmacs, which is deprecated in Fedora and slated for removal.

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2 months ago

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