FEDORA-2022-0a40207b32 created by robert a year ago for Fedora 35

tio v2.0

  • Handle stale unix socket file

    Delete existing unix socket file if it is tested to be stale, meaning no one is listening on it.

  • Add visual or audible alert support on connect/disconnect

    The feature is detailed via the following option:

    --alert none|bell|blink

    Set alert action on connect/disconnect.

    It will sound the bell once or blink once on successful connect. Likewise it will sound the bell twice or blink twice on disconnect.

    Default value is "none" for no alert.

  • Add experimental RS-485 support

    Many modern RS-485 serial devices such as the ones from FTDI already operate in RS-485 mode by default and will work with tio out of the box. However, there are some RS-232/485 devices which need to be switched from e.g. RS-232 to RS-485 mode to operate accordingly on the physical level.

    This commit implements the switching mechanism and interface required to enable RS-485 mode. It only works on Linux and with serial devices which use device drivers that support the Linux RS-485 control interface.

    The RS-485 feature is detailed via the following options:

    • --rs-485 - Enable RS-485 mode
    • --rs-485-config <config> - Set RS-485 configuration

    Set the RS-485 configuration using the following key or key value pair format in the configuration field:

    • RTS_ON_SEND=value - Set logical level (0 or 1) for RTS pin when sending
    • RTS_AFTER_SEND=value - Set logical level (0 or 1) for RTS pin after sending
    • RTS_DELAY_BEFORE_SEND=value - Set RTS delay (ms) before sending
    • RTS_DELAY_AFTER_SEND=value - Set RTS delay (ms) after sending
    • RX_DURING_TX - Receive data even while sending data

    If defining more than one key or key value pair, they must be comma separated.

    Example use:

    $ tio /dev/ttyUSB0 --rs-485 --rs-r485-config=RTS_DELAY_AFTER_SEND=50,RX_DURING_TX

  • Add line response feature

    Add a simple line response feature to make it possible to send e.g. a command string to your serial device and easily receive and parse a line response.

    This is a convenience feature for simple request/response interaction based on lines. For more advanced interaction the socket feature should be used instead.

    The line response feature is detailed via the following options:

    -r, --response-wait

    Wait for line response then quit. A line is considered any string ending with either CR or NL character. If no line is received tio will quit after response timeout.

    Any tio text is automatically muted when piping a string to tio while in response mode to make it easy to parse the response.

    --response-timeout <ms>

    Set timeout [ms] of line response (default: 100).


    Sending a string (SCPI command) to a test instrument (Korad PSU) and print line response:

    $ echo "*IDN?" | tio /dev/ttyACM0 --response-wait

    KORAD KD3305P V4.2 SN:32477045

  • Fix potential sscanf() overflow

  • Only print version on --version

  • Remove duplicate show config entry of DTR pulse duration

  • Remove MacPorts instructions

    Remove instructions for MacPorts because the port has no maintainer and the port build definition is broken (missing dependency on libinih etc.).

    It is recommended to use brew instead.

  • Ignore SIGPIPE signals

    If the remote end of a socket is closed between when an input character is received from the serial port and when it is written to the socket, tio will receive a SIGPIPE signal when writing the character to the socket, which will terminate the program. To prevent this, ignore the signal, which will cause write(2) to return -EPIPE, causing tio to close the socket.

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-0a40207b32

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