FEDORA-2022-1139541c59 created by remi 6 months ago for Fedora 36

Version 2.12.0


  • 9657: Fix enum hydration when fetching partial results thanks to @michnovka
  • 9580: Check if association already contains object thanks to @klammbueddel
  • 9459: Check requirements for metadata drivers thanks to @derrabus
  • 9656: Indicate support for doctrine/persistence 3 thanks to @derrabus


  • 9661: Deprecate the doctrine binary thanks to @derrabus
  • 9646: Improve exception message thanks to @greg0ire
  • 9511: Replace TreeWalkerChainIterator with a generator thanks to @derrabus
  • 9443: Introduce DoctrineSetup as a replacement for Setup thanks to @derrabus
  • 9641: Deprecate console helper thanks to @derrabus
  • 9592: Deprecate or throw on namespace alias usage thanks to @greg0ire
  • 9533: Deprecate custom ObjectRepository implementations thanks to @derrabus
  • 9532: Un-deprecate the current proxy mechanism thanks to @derrabus
  • 9512: Document deprecation of AbstractCollectionPersister helpers thanks to @derrabus
  • 9475: Deprecate methods removed in 3.0 thanks to @derrabus
  • 9397: Deprecate MultiGetRegion thanks to @derrabus

New Feature

  • 9629: Support Enum IDs and search by Enum fields thanks to @michnovka
  • 9616: Support enums as default values thanks to @derrabus and @jgroc-de
  • 9497: Add support for array of enums thanks to @dreadnip
  • 9373: Support enum cases as parameters thanks to @derrabus


  • 9587: Implement colocated mapping driver thanks to @greg0ire
  • 9578: Leverage MemcachedAdapter::isSupported() thanks to @derrabus
  • 9481: Rename DoctrineSetup to ORMSetup thanks to @derrabus
  • 9480: Modernize strpos() calls thanks to @derrabus
  • 9453: Support enums in findBy() calls thanks to @derrabus
  • 9019: validate schema command: allow to debug missing schema updates list thanks to @COil

Version 2.11.3


  • 9663: ScalarColumnHydrator: prevent early-bail on falsy values thanks to @MrMitch
  • 9623: explicitly use the non-deprecated ORMException thanks to @BenoitDuffez
  • 9589: Fix type errors with XML export on PHP 8.1 thanks to @vrestihnat

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6 months ago

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'ignored'.

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This update has been pushed to testing.

6 months ago

This update has been obsoleted by php-doctrine-orm-2.12.1-1.fc36.

6 months ago

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