FEDORA-2022-21b91c8fc6 created by robert 2 years ago for Fedora 34

tio v1.38

  • Redirect error messages to stderr

  • Improve help and man page

  • Mention config file in --help

  • Fix running without config file

  • Fix config file error messages

  • Redirect error messages to stderr

  • Add repology packaging status

  • Fix parsing of default settings

    Default configuration file settings were not parsed in case a section was matched. Now we make sure that the default (unnamed) settings are always parsed.

  • Append to existing log file (no truncation)

  • Add socket info to show configuration

  • Print socket info at startup

  • Fix socket option parsing

  • Match user input against config section names if pattern matching was unsuccessful.

    This allows for better config file ergonomics if the user has a diverse set of serial devices as the name does not need to be specified in the config file twice.

  • Add support for external control via a Unix domain socket.

    This feature allows an external program to inject output into and listen to input from a serial port via a Unix domain socket (path specified via the -S/--socket command line flag, or the socket config file option) while tio is running. This is useful for ad-hoc scripting of serial port interactions while still permitting manual control. Since many serial devices (at least on Linux) get confused when opened by multiple processes, and most commands do not know how to correctly open a serial device, this allows a more convenient usage model than directly writing to the device node from an external program.

    Any input from clients connected to the socket is sent on the serial port as if entered at the terminal where tio is running (except that ctrl-t sequences are not recognized), and any input from the serial port is multiplexed to the terminal and all connected clients.

    Sockets remain open while the serial port is disconnected, and writes will block.

    Example usage 1 (issue a command): echo command | nc -UN /path/to/socket > /dev/null

    Example usage 2 (use the expect command to script an interaction):

#!/usr/bin/expect -f

set timeout -1
log_user 0

spawn nc -UN /path/to/socket
set uart $spawn_id

send -i $uart "command1\n"
expect -i $uart "prompt> "
send -i $uart "command2\n"
expect -i $uart "prompt> "
  • fix for using option log without log-filename in config file

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This update is marked obsolete because the F34 release is archived.

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