FEDORA-2022-27b2c6bdb9 created by oturpe 5 months ago for Fedora 37

Update to 0.80.0 (#2155399)

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User Icon norbertj commented & provided feedback 5 months ago

Works mostly for me, but the glshader option in the [render] section seems to be broken: everything other than glshader=default gives me the same blurred screen. With 0.79.1 this works as expected (although I have used scaler=advmame2x instead).

"dosbox --version" reports 0.80.0-alpha. Is this intended?

User Icon oturpe commented & provided feedback 5 months ago

Thank you for testing!

the -alpha in the version number is upstream issue #2158. They have an annoying habit of rewriting release tags, and this release was built from a stale 0.80.0 tag. I have updated the sources in the lookaside cache and issued new build and Bodhi update for Rawhide.

I cannot reproduce the glshader issue. My results are identical between 0.80.0 and 0.79.1, though I notice that shader ids have changed between releases, and I have to use the new ids instead, otherwise get a blurry result and the following warning in the log:

RENDER: Built-in shader 'scan3x' has been renamed; please use 'scaler/scan3x' instead.

I was not aware of this breaking change. I refrain from updating other branches than Rawhide because of this. It does not seem right to break user's configs within a Fedora release.

This update has been unpushed.

User Icon norbertj commented & provided feedback 5 months ago

To be honest I didn't look at standard&error output, only at the release notes on upstream web site and at the comments in the updated config file (after running "config -wc"). Although the release notes list shader names with prepended directory names I didn't realize that they need to be specified that way in the config file.

There is also an improvement I noticed: German umlauts are now encoded in Unicode instead of IBM-PC character set within the config file.

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