baresip-2.3.0-1.fc36, libre-2.3.0-1.fc36, & 1 more

FEDORA-2022-4149608494 created by robert a year ago for Fedora 36

Baresip v2.3.0 (2022-05-01)

  • mc: multicast mute function
  • mc: reject incoming call if high prio multicast is received
  • mc: mcplayer stream fade-out and fade-in
  • clean_number now will remove all non-digit chars
  • Workflows cmakelint
  • ccheck: check all CMakeLists.txt files
  • mk: remove win32 MSVC project files
  • cmake: add modules
  • ajb,aubuf: timestamp is given in [us]
  • call: allow optional leading space in SIP INFO for dtmf-relay
  • conf: add fs_file_extension()
  • Updated debian version
  • pulse: fix timestamp integer overrun for arm
  • fix audio multicast artefacts
  • audio: flush aubuf if ssrc changes
  • Debian control dependency update
  • pulse: support restart of pulseaudio during stream
  • version 2.3.0

libre v2.3.0 (2022-05-01)

  • cmake: use static build as default target (improves subdirectory usage)
  • jbuf: fix RELEASE build with DEBUG_LEVEL 6
  • fmt/pl: use unsigned type before negation
  • fmt/pl: rewrite negative handling (avoid undefined behavior)
  • http/request: fix possbile null pointer dereference
  • sdp: check sdp_bandwidth lower bound
  • main: use re_sock_t
  • ccheck: check all CMakeLists.txt files
  • list: O(1) sorted insert if we expect append in most cases
  • add pcp protocol
  • cmake: define RELEASE for release builds
  • Mem lock win32
  • pcp: fix win32 warning
  • ci/msvc: treat all compiler warnings as errors
  • cmake: add MSVC /W3 compile option
  • cmake: add FreeBSD and OpenBSD
  • md5: remove fallback implementation
  • cmake: add runtime and development install components
  • mem: remove low/high block size stats
  • mem: add error about missing locking
  • set TCP source port in Via and Contact header
  • remove sys_rel_get and epoll_check
  • support tls session reuse
  • rand: init only needed for libc rand
  • tls: fix crash in debug warn msg
  • mem: init g_memLock directly
  • prepare for version 2.3.0

librem v2.3.0 (2022-05-01)

  • ajb,aubuf: timestamp is given in [us]
  • aubuf: for overrun log also max_sz
  • fix audio multicast artefacts
  • prepare for version 2.3.0

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-4149608494

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