FEDORA-2022-421d3bf5d4 created by vtrefny 4 months ago for Fedora 37

Automatic update for libblockdev-2.27-1.fc37.

* Wed Jun  1 2022 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.27-1
- crypto: Remove unused and leaking error in write_escrow_data_file (vtrefny)
- kbd: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in bd_kbd_bcache_create (vtrefny)
- kbd: Fix leaking error in bd_kbd_bcache_detach (vtrefny)
- kbd: Add missing progress reporting to bd_kbd_bcache_create (vtrefny)
- boilerplate_generator: Remove unused variable assignment (vtrefny)
- crypto: Remove useless comparison in progress report in luks_format (vtrefny)
- lvm: Use correct integer type in for comparison (vtrefny)
- lvm: Do not include duplicate entries in bd_lvm_lvs output (vtrefny)
- lvm: Do not set global config to and empty string (vtrefny)
- tests: Fix expected extended partition flags with new parted (vtrefny)
- tests: Skip test_lvcreate_type on CentOS/RHEL 9 (vtrefny)
- lvm-dbus: Add support for changing compression and deduplication (vtrefny)
- s390: Remove double fclose in bd_s390_dasd_online (#2045784) (vtrefny)
- fs: Return BD_FS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_FS on mounting unknown filesystem (tbzatek)
- tests: Use losetup to create 4k sector size loop device for testing (vtrefny)
- tests: Fix creating loop device for CryptoTestLuksSectorSize (vtrefny)
- lvm: Fix reading statistics for VDO pools with VDO 8 (vtrefny)
- vdo_stats: Default to 100 % savings for invalid savings values (vtrefny)
- tests: Remove test for NTFS read-only mounting (vtrefny)
- tests: Lower expected free space on newly created Ext filesystems (vtrefny)
- tests: Do not check that swap flag is not supported on DOS table (vtrefny)
- overrides: Fix translating exceptions in ErrorProxy (vtrefny)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-421d3bf5d4

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