FEDORA-2022-4fb0ce6916 created by packit a year ago for Fedora 38

Automatic update for osbuild-composer-70-1.fc38.

* Wed Dec 14 2022 Packit <> - 70-1
Changes with 70
  * Bugfix: Add RHSM Fact (APIType) to RHEL 9 image definitions (#3160)
  * Create and add Journald stage to rhel8/9 pipeline (#3118)
  * Enable isolinux only for x86_64 (#3171)
  * Enable isolinux only for x86_64 (removed stage) (#3182)
  * Extend firewall customizations to add sources (#3055)
  * Measure 5xx errors on all requests for image-builder-composer/worker (#3147)
  * RHEL 9 & Fedora: Anaconda boot arguments (#3180)
  * RHEL 9: Do not enable user module in Anaconda Edge Installer when no users are specified (#3187)
  * RHEL 9: update edge-simplified-installer to new definitions (#3166)
  * Schutzfile: bump osbuild dependency (#3177)
  * `internal/rpmmd` cleanup 🧹 (#3159)
  * cloudapi/v2: set ostree rhsm option on image options (#3172)
  * distro/rhel9: add consumer certificates on ostree rhsm option (#3176)
  * gcp: Cross-reference to coreos-assembler code (#3163)
  * metrics: update status metrics label (#3165)
  * re-enable cs9 runner for simplified installer (#3145)
  * rhel8/9: make edge images properly sysroot.readonly=true (#3178)
  * templates/packer: increase polling delay (#3183)
  * worker: fix reporting the import error to composer (#3162)

Contributions from: Achilleas Koutsou, Antonio Murdaca, Brian C. Lane, Colin Walters, Gianluca Zuccarelli, Irene Diez, Mario Cattamo, Ondřej Budai, Sanne Raymaekers, Sayan Paul, Tomáš Hozza, Xiaofeng Wang

— Somewhere on the Internet, 2022-12-14

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-4fb0ce6916

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