FEDORA-2022-55636d32c6 created by robert a year ago for Fedora 37

lxi-tools v2.3

  • Fix copy of IP and ID
  • Also autocomplete lxi-tools.lxi
  • Update LICENSE

lxi-tools v2.2

  • Add support for manually adding instruments

    Manually added instruments are managed via settings in the dconf registry so that they can be remembered by the application.

    Manually added instruments will appear with an instrument icon with a yellow indicator (indicating that it may or may not be present).

    Automatically discovered instruments will appear with an instrument icon with a green indicator (indicating that it is likely present since it responded).

    Once added it is possible to edit or remove instruments again via the right click menu.

  • Show error in case benchmark fails

  • Make use of new AdwAboutWindow

  • Do not break normal clipboard copy feature

  • Only copy image data to clipboard when image data is available

  • Add lua log feature to command-line tool

  • Add repology packaging status

  • Fix desktop file categories

    Prevent that application might appear more than once in the application menu

  • Rework meson lua dependency check

    To support more distributions which package lua differently.

  • Rework meson readline dependency check

    To support readline installations without pkg-config.

  • Remove internationalization stuff

    There are no plans to support other languages.


  • Cleanup date_time()

    Also, use ISO8601 timestamp format.

  • Rename test -> examples

  • Update PSU data log test script

  • Add automation test script (draft)

  • Reduce default timeout values

  • Fix timeout conversion

    Fix so that the printed default timeout values are not different when running lxi or lxi --help. Fix also simplifies code.

  • Remove obsolete completion script for snap

  • Use #pragma once in all headers

  • Disable natural wrap mode

  • Cleanup circleCI configuration

  • Rename ChangeLog to NEWS

  • Enable gui by default

    Distributions like Ubuntu now have all the components required to build lxi-gui so let's enable it by default.

  • Add TODO list

  • README: update readme to reflect lecroy support

    Add the LeCroy WavePro ZI-a to the list of tested devices.

  • plugins: lecroy: poll status register until SCDP bit is set

    To avoid racing the device (transferring a file before it's available), poll the SCDP bit in the status register until the hardcopy has completed.

  • plugins: lecroy make command format consistent

    Use shortened and capitalized forms across all commands for consistency.

  • plugins: lecroy: error check and validate inputs

    Fix some memory safety issues. Add some rudimentary checks and validate untrusted input from the device.

  • plugins: implement screenshot for LeCroy WavePRO oscilloscopes

    This changeset adds screenshot support for LeCroy oscilloscopes that implement the MAUI LXI interface.

    In principle this should work with other LeCroy telescopes, but I have only tested it with the WavePro 7 Zi-A.

  • Added ability to copy grabbed screenshot to clipboard

  • adds R&S CMW270 to README

  • Add R&S ZNL as compatible

    Tested R&S ZNL3. LXI discover and SCPI ok. As far as I read the manual screenshoots are only saved to the device or send to a printer.

  • Update Wiki link text; add Wiki section

  • Build the lxi-gui application for Fedora 36 (and later)

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-55636d32c6

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This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

a year ago

This update has obsoleted lxi-tools-2.2-1.fc37, and has inherited its bugs and notes.

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This update has been pushed to stable.

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