Automatic update for ibus-typing-booster-2.16.0-1.eln119.

* Tue Jun  7 2022 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.16.0-1
- Update to 2.16.0
- Make it possible to use inline completion without automatic fallback to a candidate list
  Now the inline completion option has 3 values:

  • No
  • Yes, with fallback to popup
  • Yes, without fallback to popup

  When choosing “Yes, with fallback”, the behaviour is as it used to be
  when the old checkbox was on: the completion is shown inline if this
  is possible without changing the already typed string in the preedit,
  if this is not possible, a popup candidate list is automatically shown
  instead as a fallback.

  When choosing “Yes without fallback to popup”, a popup candidate list
  is never shown automatically as a fallback but only when explicitely
  requested by typing the key bound to the command
  “select_next_candidate” (By default this is the Tab key).

  When updating to the new release with this new option, the value of
  the old checkbox gets lost. I.e. no matter whether the user had the
  inline completion option checked or not checked before the update,
  after the update the value for “inline completion” reverts to the
  default “No”. So if one was using “inline completion” before the
  update, one has to switch it on again after the update.
- Fix itb_emoji.find_cldr_annotation_path() (It always found a
  match even when the fallback went through all the way to
  'en', therefore all dictionaries were shown as supporting
  emoji in the setup tool)
- Update emoji annotations from CLDR (oc.xml is new)
- Translation update from Weblate (de (100%), jp (36.9%), nl (100%),
  pl (100%), tr (100%), uk (100%) updated)

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