FEDORA-2022-73bfee6501 created by m4rtink 3 months ago for Fedora 37

Automatic update for anaconda-37.2-1.fc37.

* Tue Mar  8 2022 Packit Service <> - 37.2-1
- Fix Makefile targets using L10N Makefile variables (jkonecny)
- Remove the blivet_gui_supported configuration option (vponcova)
- webui: tests: move journal parsing for waiting for webui initialization to the VM creation script (kkoukiou)
- webui: tests: move cockpit-ws spawning to the machine_install script instead of the ks file (kkoukiou)
- webui: tests: workaround cockpit's expectation for test/images directory (kkoukiou)
- webui: first pass on the installation progress component (kkoukiou)
- webui: tests: add payload workaround for the webui tests (kkoukiou)
- webui: add notification component at top level (kkoukiou)
- Set up basic error handling for the Web UI (vponcova)
- Provide defaults for the Web UI installation (vponcova)
- webui: tests: wait for the webui initialiation to have finishes before running the tests (kkoukiou)
- Always request localization files during build (jkonecny)
- Collect PO files names dynamically (jkonecny)
- Move the po files download to the `make` call (jkonecny)
- webui: tests: actually boot into the webui mode (kkoukiou)
- webui: tests: ignore output when running commands in the ks file (kkoukiou)
- Remove the enable_ignore_broken_packages configuration option (vponcova)
- build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot])
- tests: webui: Increate timeout for accessible webui to 5 minutes (kkoukiou)
- Replace one more icon after removal from adwaita (#2055883) (jkonecny)
- Allow to run an incomplete installation via DBus (vponcova)
- Remove ksdata from migrated payload classes (vponcova)
- Remove progressQ (vponcova)
- Don't use progressQ in GUI (vponcova)
- Don't use progressQ in TUI (vponcova)
- Don't use progressQ in the installation queue (vponcova)
- Update (76429226+layne-yang)
- Replace legacy adwaita icons removed in adwaita-icon-theme 42 (awilliam)
- Update the .coveragerc file (vponcova)
- webui: Pin eslint-plugin-react to the last non broken release (kkoukiou)
- build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot])
- ovirt: move /var/tmp to its own partition (sbonazzo)
- webui: Don't save SSH key in command from VM script (vslavik)
- docs: add intructions to the on-duty team member for handling failing image refreshes for webui tests (kkoukiou)
- Add a release note for removed undocumented and unused scripts (vponcova)
- Remove the /usr/bin/analog script (vponcova)
- Remove the /usr/bin/restart-anaconda script (vponcova)
- Improve the documentation of the run-anaconda script (vponcova)
- Don't report the name of the DBus task by default (vponcova)
- webui: Use grouped typeahead for the language selector (kkoukiou)
- webui: consume real data in the language selection dialog from the API (kkoukiou)
- Introduce GetLanguages, GetLanguageData, GetLocales, GetLocaleData methods on the Localization interface (kkoukiou)
- Add note to branching guide to look on pykickstart issues (#docs) (jkonecny)
- Fixed the translation not taking effect (yangxiaoxuan)

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