FEDORA-2022-785a834bc2 created by m4rtink 3 months ago for Fedora 37

Automatic update for anaconda-37.4-1.fc37.

* Mon Mar 28 2022 Packit Service <> - 37.4-1
- Remove the unused _noop method (vponcova)
- Fix failing pylint check. (rvykydal)
- Use a task to set up an additional NFS repository (vponcova)
- Parse both formats of the NFS repositories (vponcova)
- webui: start using custom webui-desktop script instead of cockpit-desktop (kkoukiou)
- ShellCheck: Quote also variables inside ${...} (vslavik)
- Move the validation of system repositories (vponcova)
- Always load new enabled repositories to check their validity (vponcova)
- Don't allow to load metadata of a disabled repository (vponcova)
- Remove the _add_repo_to_dnf_and_ks method of the DNF payload class (vponcova)
- Use the DNF manager to load all enabled repositories (vponcova)
- Add the load_packages_metadata method to the DNF manager (vponcova)
- Extend the DBus documentation of the Storage module (vponcova)
- webui: add helper text in the installation destination step (kkoukiou)
- webui: adapt the wizard body headers and other captions to the design mockups (kkoukiou)
- webui: move installation destination step to ListingTable component (kkoukiou)
- Clarify which Anaconda profile is used by CentOS Stream (vponcova)
- webui: prefer constant variable when possible (kkoukiou)
- webui: bring some order to the imports (kkoukiou)
- webui: move wizard code out of app.jsx to a new file (kkoukiou)
- webui: stop using titleId without a title (kkoukiou)
- webui: keep a list of visited pages for deciding which nav items are enabled (kkoukiou)
- webui: stop passing 'address' variable to the Footer component (kkoukiou)
- webui: tests: do not start the installation in non-destructive tests (kkoukiou)
- webui: convert wizard to in-page and add a betanag label (kkoukiou)
- Add the generate_driver_disk_repositories function (vponcova)
- Split some code from the update_base_repo method (vponcova)
- Handle the inst.addrepo option in the DNF payload class (vponcova)
- Remove the additional_repos attribute of the Anaconda class (vponcova)
- Parse the inst.addrepo option using argparser (vponcova)
- gui: update network spoke for symbolic icons (#2055883) (rvykydal)
- gui: update beta-nag dialog for symbolic icons (#2055883) (rvykydal)
- gui: update Quit dialog for symbolic icons (#2055883) (rvykydal)
- Add the --ignore-broken test again (vponcova)
- Remove --ignore-broken test (#test) (jkonecny)
- webui: add support for in form error notifications per step (kkoukiou)
- webui: introduce a custom Footer component for the Wizard (kkoukiou)
- webui: introduce some logic for which steps the users can access (kkoukiou)
- webui: Get method call on the Properties interface always wraps results in arrays (kkoukiou)
- webui: move dbus client declarations to singleton classes (kkoukiou)
- webui: fix progress reporting in the InstallationProgress component (kkoukiou)
- build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot])
- Document option (rvykydal)
- build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot])
- Add scripts for anaconda services to updates image (rvykydal)
- Add option do disable NM default autocons (#2033231) (rvykydal)
- Disable NM autoconnections in Anaconda (rvykydal)

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