FEDORA-2022-823cf2e01c created by mgrabovs 10 months ago for Fedora 36

Automatic update for retrace-server-1.24.1-1.fc36.

* Mon Feb  7 2022 Packit Service <> - 1.24.1-1
- Release version 1.24.1-1 (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace-server-interact: Fix traceback for non-existent gid (Dave Wysochanski)
- Revert "Bump Meson dependency to 0.59.0" (Matěj Grabovský)
- coverage: Set Git root directory (Matěj Grabovský)
- Bump Meson dependency to 0.59.0 (Matěj Grabovský)
- meson: Copy spec file to build directory (Matěj Grabovský)
- bugzilla-query: Shorten lines that exceed 79 columns per PEP-0008 (Dave Wysochanski)
- bugzilla-query: Use 'limit' and search only recently modified bugs (Dave Wysochanski)
- manager: Add existence and permissions check of custom_url to avoid failed tasks (Dave Wysochanski)
- Replace TASK_RETRACE with TASK_COREDUMP and start_retrace with start_coredump (Dave Wysochanski)
- Fix typos (Michal Fabik)
- Update translations (Matěj Grabovský)
- readme: Add Codecov badge (Matěj Grabovský)
- test: Add test cases for human_readable_size() (Matěj Grabovský)
- util: Print 1024 bytes as 1.00 kB (Matěj Grabovský)
- Calculate and upload code coverage to Codecov (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace-server-task: Improve verbose error message when 'create' fails (Dave Wysochanski)
- retrace: Handle vmware .vmsn kernel version detection with heuristic (Dave Wysochanski)
- manager: Disallow NULL string in custom core location on manager page (Dave Wysochanski)
- man: Cleanup retrace-server-worker man page (Dave Wysochanski)
- retrace-server-task: Fix Traceback with no arguments (Dave Wysochanski)
- test: Fix for Python < 3.8 (Matěj Grabovský)
- Update dependencies (Matěj Grabovský)
- podman: Unify string quotes (Matěj Grabovský)
- test: Expand Podman backend tests (Matěj Grabovský)
- test: Remove old test, create new one (Matěj Grabovský)
- c2p: Improve Pythonic code style (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace: Escape regex strings properly (Matěj Grabovský)
- create: Be more explicit in calculations (Matěj Grabovský)
- r-s-reposync-faf: Remove obsolete Pylint directive (Matěj Grabovský)
- podman: Pass `check` explicitly to `run()` (Matěj Grabovský)
- Add type annotations where appropriate (Matěj Grabovský)
- retrace,util: Improve code style (Matěj Grabovský)
- config: Iterate dictionary directly (Matěj Grabovský)
- config: Rename variables for conformity (Matěj Grabovský)
- plugin: Rename variables for conformity (Matěj Grabovský)
- pylintrc: Do not warn about missing docstrings (Matěj Grabovský)
- Fix bare `except` occurrences (Matěj Grabovský)
- readme: Add badge for build status (Matěj Grabovský)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-823cf2e01c

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