FEDORA-2022-84c3ef1c4c created by mooninite 6 months ago for Fedora 36

Version 2022.1 (January 31 2022) - Implemented: Added Irrigation icon (also thanks to dbemowsk) - Implemented: Build system, implemented unit tests - Implemented: Device support for Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Relay Controller (2 Channels) | LLKZMK11LM | relay.c2acn01 - Implemented: EnOcean, added more hardware support - Implemented: EvoHome, Now supports the latest version of the OT Bridge messages - Implemented: InfluxDB Data push, Influx 2.0 support - Implemented: InfluxDB, Alert and Current devices data push to influxdb - Implemented: MQTT Auto Discovery hardware (for Zigbee2MQTT/ZWaveJS2MQTT and others) - Implemented: New widgets for Blinds (percentage) + Stop and Blinds (percentage) Inverted + Stop - Implemented: Notifications, Extra security checks for HTTP actions - Implemented: Notifications, Optional action to execute (http/script) per notificaton - Implemented: Replace device for setpoint types - Implemented: RTL433, add support for light_klx field (SendLuxSensor) - Implemented: Scenes, Implemented 'Toggle' for switch actions - Implemented: Teleinfo, Add support for EAIT/SINSTI/STGE (Linky standard mode) - Implemented: Teleinfo. more permissive detection between historic/standard mode - Implemented: The Things Network (TTN), Switch to new V3 stack - Implemented: Webserver, Increased range of www/ssl port to 49151 - Implemented: Webserver, Improve webserver security - Implemented: Webserver, Improved robustness of processing Settings update - Implemented: Wind Meter, Angle rotation - Updated: dzVents ( ) - Updated: Denkovi, Improved http communication - Updated: OpenZWave; Added support for Electric pulse sensor, Heatit ZM Single Relay ZW164 Indoor Siren 6+ - Updated: Python Plugin code and framework robustness - Updated: RFXCom, Updated RFXCom SDK version to 9.31 - Updated: Translations - Changed: default journal mode for windows now WAL (write ahead) add command line option to override - Changed: Webserver, updated internals - Fixed: Charts, changes, bug fixes, Computed kWh, usage calculation, zoom - Fixed: EvoHome, Fix Web API crash when a new zone wass added - Fixed: Notifications, Email notification fix jpeg inline attachment handling for K9 mail - Fixed: OpenWeatherMap, Fix to resolve OWM City for default location. Used by OWM based forecast screen - For a full detailed overview visit:

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-84c3ef1c4c

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