FEDORA-2022-8bd57a699f created by m4rtink 2 months ago for Fedora 37

Automatic update for anaconda-37.6-1.fc37.

* Mon Apr 25 2022 Packit <> - 37.6-1
- Map Anaconda exceptions to org.fedoraproject.Anaconda.Error (vponcova)
- Use our error mapper only for the Anaconda message bus (vponcova)
- Clean up the code that adds a base repository (vponcova)
- Remove dependency on eslint-plugin-standard (vslavik)
- webui - Fix pixel test failure due to string being translated (mkolman)
- Call join_paths to create an absolute path (vponcova)
- Document why the DNF transaction runs in a sub-process (vponcova)
- Correct message when ignoring hibernation flag (jblz)
- Clean up the code that reloads the treeinfo metadata (vponcova)
- Don't add treeinfo repositories to DNF twice (vponcova)
- Clean up the code for removal of treeinfo repositories (vponcova)
- Clean up the code that generates treeinfo repositories (vponcova)
- Distinguish URLs from paths in the treeinfo support (vponcova)
- Improve logic of the keyboard spoke completed method (jkonecny)
- webui: tests: Add function for checking pre-release information (zveleba)
- build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot])
- webui: tests: Make it easier to reset partitioning (zveleba)
- webui: tests: increase abstraction of changing pages in the wizard (zveleba)
- build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot])
- webui: Update READMEs (mmarusak)
- Don't unnecessarily use cat and use grep -E (oguz)

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