FEDORA-2022-99d6a70073 created by m4rtink 4 months ago for Fedora 37

Automatic update for anaconda-37.3-1.fc37.

* Tue Mar 15 2022 Packit Service <> - 37.3-1
- Increase version of the anaconda-widgets (jkonecny)
- Disable layout_indicator in Anaconda (jkonecny)
- Don't configure the keyboard in Live environments with XWayland (jkonecny)
- webui: tests: check-installation-progress tests are not non-destructive (kkoukiou)
- tests: webui: ensure that installation reaches boot-loader step and fails (kkoukiou)
- webui: storage configuration: show only usable disks in the table (kkoukiou)
- webui: set default storage configuration in the JS code (kkoukiou)
- webui: move localization apis to 'apis' folder (kkoukiou)
- webui: move installation apis to 'apis' folder (kkoukiou)
- webui: pass up to the component tree a hander for showing errors in the UI (kkoukiou)
- webui: move react components to a new `components` folders (kkoukiou)
- webui: rewrite language selection component to a class component (kkoukiou)
- network: Handle network configuration paths not existing (awilliam)
- webui: webpack: process all assets when compressing (kkoukiou)
- Change pylint ignore from number to name (vslavik)
- Remove RpmDb-related setup in OSTree payloads (vslavik)
- pylint: Survive scanning broken symlinks (vslavik)
- pylint: Don't read whole files to check hashbangs (vslavik)
- pylint: Ignore checkouts of cockpit repos (vslavik)
- pylint: Simplify skipping already detected paths (vslavik)
- webui: move to a wizard based design implementation (mkolman)
- Do not crash on network --device link with wireless device (#2051235) (rvykydal)
- Remove the decorated_window conf option (vslavik)
- packit: build SRPM in Copr (ttomecek)
- Use the latest Read the Docs theme (vponcova)
- Change the example bug related to unlocked LUKS devices (vponcova)
- webui: read conf from installation environment (vslavik)

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