FEDORA-2022-ab50b74ce4 created by m4rtink a month ago for Fedora 37

Automatic update for anaconda-37.7-1.fc37.

* Mon May  9 2022 Packit <> - 37.7-1
- Remove the is_repo_enabled method (vponcova)
- Fix too long lines in the Network spoke (vponcova)
- Rename the checkmount argument (vponcova)
- Rename the onlyOnChange argument (vponcova)
- Run an installation task to close the DNF base (vponcova)
- Close the DNF base during the reset (vponcova)
- Move isIsoImage to the Payloads module (vponcova)
- Move find_first_iso_image to the Payloads module (vponcova)
- Move helper functions for HDISO sources to pyanaconda.ui.lib (vponcova)
- Keep Timezone proxy in Welcome spoke (vslavik)
- Split starting locales in welcome spoke to a helper (vslavik)
- Rename constant to reflect its usage (vslavik)
- makeupdates: Don't be silent about copying (vslavik)
- Remove the get_mount_points function (vponcova)
- Remove PayloadError (vponcova)
- Remove PayloadInstallError (vponcova)
- Remove PayloadSetupError (vponcova)
- (build-deps): Update misc. npm packages (vslavik)
- (build-deps): Update chrome-remote-interface npm package (vslavik)
- (build-deps): Update sass npm packages (vslavik)
- (build-deps): Update patternfly npm packages (vslavik)
- (build-deps): Update eslint npm packages (vslavik)
- (build-deps): Update webpack and plugin npm packages (vslavik)
- (deps-dev): Update babel npm packages (vslavik)
- Add the UpdatesEnabled DBus property (vponcova)
- webui: tests: Add cleanup to TestLanguage to make it non-destructive (zveleba)
- webui: tests: Change handling of steps and hide selectors in methods (zveleba)
- Remove the _configure method (vponcova)
- webui: Document how to fix failing pixel tests (mkolman)
- build(deps): bump @patternfly/react-core in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot])
- Remove the unused _set_repo_enabled method (vponcova)
- build(deps): bump @patternfly/patternfly in /ui/webui (49699333+dependabot[bot])
- Don't continue if there is no valid base source to use (vponcova)
- Clean up the code that includes additional repositories (vponcova)
- Split the code for the installation source spoke (vponcova)
- Remove ancient file (vslavik)
- Convert additional space checkbox to use child label (vslavik)
- Indent everything on root spoke by 4px (vslavik)
- Set correct focused widget for root spoke (vslavik)
- Add eslint as an unit test for webui (vslavik)
- Run eslint only in dev builds or when requested (vslavik)
- Run restorecon in chroot when handling home dirs (vslavik)
- Move restorecon calls in Tasks to a helper function (vslavik)
- Add Virtuozzo Linux profile to Anaconda, Resolves: rhbz#2067195 (dsilakov)
- webui: Don't check SSH key in command from VM script (vslavik)

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BZ#2067195 [RFE] anaconda: Add product config for VirtuozzoLinux

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