FEDORA-2022-ba62bb14f4 created by rathann a year ago for Fedora 36
  • An up-to-date nocem.ctl file is provided with this release. You should manually update your nocem.ctl file with the new information recorded about NoCeM issuers, and make sure the right PGP keys are present on your system.
  • Up-to-date control.ctl and moderators files are provided with this release. You should manually update them (notably for the fido7.* hierarchy).
  • Added a stricter validation of article numbers given in NNTP commands so that numbers superior to 2^31 are correctly considered invalid. Thanks to Richard Kettlewell for the patch.
  • Added a check in for the existence of the pathrun directory. INN won't start until this directory is writable. Previously, it bailed out quickly after starting, without clear logs about why it failed.
  • Fixed parallel builds using make -j. Thanks to Richard Kettlewell for the patch.
  • nnrpd now properly gathers timer statistics when a compression layer is active.
  • nnrpd now properly discards data received from a news client after a timeout when a TLS layer is active. It previously tried to read incoming data before closing the socket, leading to decoding errors from an underlying compression or SASL layer.
  • innfeed and ovdb_stat now generate status reports in valid HTML syntax.
  • Fixed a bug in the buffindexed overview that prevented it from working on several systems, amongst them FreeBSD. Unsupported, and useless, permission bits were given to semaphores.
  • Fixed the detection of library paths at configure time: multilib directories (lib32 or lib64) are now also used if they exist, even if the system does not use multilib. It will notably fix the detection of the OpenSSL 3.0.0 library.
  • The tlscertfile parameter in inn.conf now permits the use of a complete certificate chain, instead of necessarily having to use tlscafile for additional certificates.
  • Added support for the new OpenSSL 3.0.0 API, which deprecated a few functions.
  • The inn.conf default value for tlsprotocols no longer contains TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1, which have been deprecated by RFC 8996.
  • A new inn.conf parameter has been added to tune the length of the queue of pending connections to innd, nnrpd and the ovdb overview storage method: the maxlisten parameter now permits configuring their listen backlog, whose previously hard-coded values were 128 for nnrpd and 25 for the others, which was not high enough for some uses. The default value is now 128 for all of them, and configurable in inn.conf. Thanks to Kevin Bowling for the patch.
  • The name of seven man pages for routines built in libinn(3) are now prefixed with libinn_ so as not to consume namespace and conflict with other packages (notably, the list(3) and uwildmat(3) man pages are now named libinn_list(3) and libinn_uwildmat(3)).
  • Other minor bug fixes and documentation improvements, notably a revised installation checklist and a section summarizing the most used configuration at the beginning of a few complex man pages.

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-ba62bb14f4

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BZ#2041676 /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/inn.conf needs to reference /run instead of /var/run
BZ#2058851 inn-2.6.5 is available

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