FEDORA-2022-c972a7598c created by numans a month ago for Fedora 38

Automatic update for ovn-22.09.0-22.fc38.

* Thu Dec  1 2022 Numan Siddique <> - 22.09.0-22
- Sync to upstream OVN branch-22.09 and also backport
  Load balancer affinity patches.  These patches are not backported
  to branch-22.09, but ovn-kubernetes need them.
  Below are the commits since last update (22.09.0-4.

- northd: rely on new actions for lb affinity
[Upstream: 5b6223dcb6060205c6e9d4e8c092e96134bb032a]

- actions: introduce chk_lb_aff action
[Upstream: f74c418e3cd2079e7cae4d3ec293ffc387f5a660]

- actions: introduce commit_lb_aff action
[Upstream: 2d190e5c69c9440c720ab8412cc04e4096d4114a]

- controller: Fixed ovs/ovn(features) connection lost when running more than 120 seconds (#2144084)
[Upstream: db61b2e4f166092e5bc93f4cba7696a72037a069]

- ovs: Bump submodule to include latest fixes.
[Upstream: d62dde642879ffb7ff1eb8f4077b6224f977c6d7]

- ovn-controller: Fixed missing flows after interface deletion (#2129866)
[Upstream: 90c165fa5a6ecdd9bac606cf259ae88228b96208]

- ovn-controller: Fix releasing wrong vif
[Upstream: 4da7a269c9eb055b2cfa27d67593a77167b8c9a6]

- tests: Fix flaky test "multi-vtep SB Chassis encap updates"
[Upstream: ef15d5c22fa2255db69be2d6da822cefb099327c]

- controller: Fix QoS for ports with undetected or too low link speed. (#2136716)
[Upstream: ae96d5d753ccbee9b239178f56460e05169ac9f7]

- ovn-controller: Fix some issues with CT zone assignment. (#2126406)
[Upstream: 0fc041667031da20cd03c0b76de8de3dbe502d50]

- ci: Update jobs to use numbers instead of test flags
[Upstream: bc609bf148be3a38a0b8f38f049f30eb7e9b55f8]

- ovs: Bump submodule to tip of branch-3.0 and add related test (#2126450)
[Upstream: c18415d5ae7273c633190df4ac9e872a0a0f9709]

- controller: fix ipv6 prefix delegation in gw router mode (#2129244 2129247)
[Upstream: f2042a2e6aeb1a7fe266316337545331f5186dd0]

- spec: require python3-openvswitch for ovn-detrace
[Upstream: 29e4d43966fbf34d9707e31880c455f22a643bb3]

- northd: Use separate SNAT for already-DNATted traffic.
[Upstream: 51044dbfdba234a3f50d8c9c952335e41b72a39b]

- controller: Restore MAC and vlan for DVR scenario (#2123837)
[Upstream: 86e99bf95a2191ebdcd5d03335ff8add2a636f55]

- northd: Fix multicast table full (#2094710)
[Upstream: 40dd85eb8d2d2d88f9000b6be6fb263b4bd1a27f]

- controller: Fix first ping from lsp to external through snat failing (#2130045)
[Upstream: 76a01e53a9fcc3184211cca10787d462cb86a352]

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