FEDORA-2022-d3f1619f2c created by lzachar 5 months ago for Fedora 36

Automatic update for tmt-1.10.0-1.fc36.

* Tue Feb  1 2022 Lukáš Zachar <> - 1.10.0-1
- Make reboot support a bit more backward compatible
- Ensure that workdir has a correct selinux context
- Use `centos:stream8` image instead of `centos:8`
- Disable X11 forwarding in ssh connections
- Fix traceback for login after last report
- Use `TMT_TEST_DATA` as location for `rlFileSubmit`
- Implement variables for storing logs and artifacts
- Adjust rsync installation on read-only distros
- Handle rsync installation on read-only distros
- Add hardware specification for hostname
- Correctly import multiple bugs from Makefile
- Remove dependency on the `python3-mock` package
- Adjust linting of manual test files
- Check Markdown files in tmt lint if `manual=True`
- Adjust pulling logs from the guest during finish
- Add guest.pull() to the finish step
- Update virtualization hints for session connection
- Improve error message for empty git repositories
- Minor modification of test result specification
- Use `where` instead of `on` in the multihost spec
- Clarify that `path` is defined from the tree root
- Adjust ansible requires for containers preparation
- Move the reboot scripts to a read/write directory
- Ignore read/only file systems reboot script errors
- Require either ansible or ansible-core
- Set the `TMT_TREE` variable during test execution
- Clarify that 'until' means until and including
- Update test debugging examples with --force option
- Add `bios.method` to hardware spec
- Improve environment variables specification a bit
- Adjust the ssh connection multiplexing
- Add support for ssh multiplexing

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-d3f1619f2c

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