FEDORA-2022-e91afdce0b created by pemensik 4 months ago for Fedora 35
2022-01-16  Simon J Gerraty  <sjg@beast.crufty.net>

    * VERSION (_MAKE_VERSION): 20220116
    Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    o fix for unit-tests/varname-makeflags on non-BSD systems
    o use Var_Exists rather than Var_Value where appropriate
    o remove unnecessary functions for expanding variable names
    o cond.c: inline EvalBare
    o main.c: lint cleanup
    o parse.c: condense code in Parse_IsVar
    use islower for parsing directives (none have upper case)

2022-01-12  Simon J Gerraty  <sjg@beast.crufty.net>

    * VERSION (_MAKE_VERSION): 20220112
    Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    o meta.c: add .MAKE.META.CMP_FILTER for filtering commands before
    comparion, rarely needed but useful when it is.

2022-01-10  Simon J Gerraty  <sjg@beast.crufty.net>

    * VERSION (_MAKE_VERSION): 20220110
    Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    o inline Buf_Clear
    o remove redundant braces
    o rename and inline Targ_Precious
    o cond.c: remove redundant initializer in CondParser_ComparisonOrLeaf
    o for.c: clean up handling of .for loops
    fix reported line numbers of continuation lines
    add details about .for loop variables to stack traces
    o job.c: reduce code for initializing error handling in shell
    o main.c: in Cmd_Exec, return error message instead of format string
    have as few statements as possible between va_start and va_end
    add debug logging for capturing the output of external commands
    o make.c: use consistent variable names for varargs
    o make_malloc.c: remove duplicate code from bmake_strdup
    o parse.c: add missing printflike annotations
    remove redundant lines from stack traces
    fix stack traces in -dp mode
    reduce confusing code in ParseForLoop
    fix line number in debug log after returning from a file
    rename IFile and its fields to match their actual content
    clean up ParseDependencySources
    o var.c: shorten ApplyModifier_Assign
    rename is_shell_metachar, fix character conversion warning
    merge calls to ApplyModifier_Time
    merge duplicate code for modifiers 'gmtime' and 'localtime'

2022-01-04  Simon J Gerraty  <sjg@beast.crufty.net>

    * parse.c: loadfile restore extra byte in buffer.

2022-01-01  Simon J Gerraty  <sjg@beast.crufty.net>

    * VERSION (_MAKE_VERSION): 20220101
    Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    o more unit-tests
    o remove unnecessary words from command line options in CmdOpts
    o rename eunlink to unlink_file
    o cond.c: make ParseWord in condition parser simpler
    internally return false for irrelevant leaves in conditions
    replace table for function lookup in conditions with simple code
    merge duplicate types CondEvalResult and CondResult
    o for.c: clean up handling of .for loops and .include directives
    o main.c: constify cached_realpath
    clean up Cmd_Exec
    o parse.c: sync API documentation
    fix error message when reading more than 1 GB from stdin
    clean up parsing of makefiles
    fix line number in error message about open conditionals
    unexport types VarAssignOp and VarAssign
    clean up function names
    remove redundant parameters in dependency parsing functions
    reduce scope of the list of wildcard target names
    extract OP_NOTARGET into separate function
    clean up variable names for parsing dependency lines
    make debug logging a bit more human-friendly
    o var.c: condense code in ApplyModifier_Assign

    - Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    o more unit-tests
    o style cleanup
    o in CLEANUP mode, free interned strings at the very end
    o fix memory leak for filenames in .for loops
    o buf.c: avoid memory leak
    o cond.c: condense CondParser_ComparisonOp
    o hash.c: change return type of HashTable_Set to void
    o job.c: change return type of Compat_RunCommand from int to bool
    o main.c: remove bmake_free
    o parse.c: condense repetetive code in ParseDirective
    - remove dead code for handling traditional include directives
    - clean up parsing of variable assignments
    - remove unreachable code for parsing the dependency operator
    - clean up loading of files
    - fix memory leak in IncludeFile
    -o var.c: fix memory leak when parsing a variable name
    - fix memory leak from ${.SUFFIXES}
    - reduce memory allocation in modifier ':?' and ':C'
    - condense RegexReplace for the modifier ':C' and avoid strlen
    - merge duplicate code for memory handling in Var_Parse
    - distinguish between short-lived and environment variables
    - rename VarFreeEnv to VarFreeShortLived

    - Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    o rename Parse_SetInput to Parse_PushInput
    o remove remove period from end of error messages and warnings
    to be more consistent
    o arch.c: use simpler memory management for parsing archive members
    o cond.c: rework and reduce recursion
    o for.c: rename some functions to better reflect purpose
    o suff.c: add Suff_NamesStr to provide .SUFFIXES as a string.
    o var.c: in parse errors, mark whitespace more clearly
    - inline ParseEmptyArg into CondParser_FuncCallEmpty
    - minimize calls to LazyBuf_Get in ParseVarnameLong
    - treat .SUFFIXES as a read-only variable

    - Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    o Punt on write errors - ENOSPC etc.

    * configure.in: use_defshell, set both DEFSHELL_INDEX
      and defshell_path if appropriate.
      This makes it easier to use say the KSH specification with
      and alternate path for the shell.

    * configure.in compat.c: for SCO we need to force UseShell

    * configure.in: SCO /bin/sh is not usable, provide a list of
    alternatives for use as .SHELL.
    We still have to mark some tests as broken, plus more if we end up
    with ksh as .SHELL.
    Issue a warning about skipped tests.

    * boot-strap: leave TOOL_DIFF to configure

    * configure.in: on SCO native cc is not usable,
    gcc is to be found in /usr/gnu/bin
    and while ancient is at least able to compile bmake.
    Thus we add /usr/gnu/bin to PATH if it exists, and later
    check if $CC would have been found via $PATH.
    If not we set CC to the full path of $CC.
    Also gnu diff is known to support -u, so if it exists use it.

    * configure.in: move getopt to AC_REPLACE_FUNCS
    also add AC_C_INLINE - in an attempt to compile using
    native cc on SCO.

    * configure.in: check for stresep as well as strsep, since we
    define the later to the former if necessary, and if we have to
    provide stresep we also need to provide a prototype.

    * configure.in: we no longer need to worry about
    sys/cdefs.h providing __RCSID which simplifies things quite a bit.

    * make.h: make sure we have __RCSID

    * unit-tests/Makefile.config.in: add TOOL_DIFF so configure
    can control it.

    - Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    o reduce locations reducing text size
    o remove unnecessary const
    o cond.c: fix lint warning on i386
    do not allow unquoted 'left == right' after modifier ':?'
    o hash.c: fix build for DEBUG_HASH_LOOKUP
    o var.c: fix memory leak in error case of the ':?' modifier

    - Merge with NetBSD make, pick up
    o var.c: remove redundant initialization in ApplyModifier_Order

    * mk/options.mk: issue warning for incorrect usage

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2022-e91afdce0b

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