FEDORA-2023-3228901b13 created by packit 6 months ago for Fedora 39

Automatic update for tmt-1.24.1-1.fc39.

* Fri Jun  9 2023 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.24.1-1
- Revert the `Source0` url to the original value
- Use correct url for the release archive, fix docs
* Wed Jun  7 2023 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.24.0-1
- Do not display guest facts when showing a plan
- Add new guide/summary for multihost testing
- Define a "plugin registry" class
- Hide `facts` in the `virtual` provision plugin
- Cache resolved linters
- Improve documentation of lint checks (#2089)
- A custom wrapper for options instead of click.option()
- Identify incorrect subcommand after a correct one
- Remove one extra space between @ and decorator name
- Assign envvars to Polarion report arguments
- Expose "key address" to normalization callbacks (#1869)
- Move export of special test/plan/story fields to their respective classes
- Expose guest topology to tests and scripts (#2072)
- Enable building downstream release using Packit
- Add sections for environment variable groups
- Add default envvar to plugin options
- Load env TMT_WORKDIR_ROOT when running tmt status (#2087)
- Opportunistically use "selectable" entry_points.
- Explicitly convert tmpdir to str in
- Move pytest.ini contents to pyproject.toml.
- Rename Require* classes to Dependency* (#2099)
- Expose fmf ID of tests in results
- Use the `tmt-lint` pre-commit hook
- Turn finish step implementation to queue-based one (#2110)
- Convert base classes to data classes (#2080)
- Crashed prepare and execute steps propagate all causes
- Support exceptions with multiple causes
- Make "needs sudo" a guest fact (#2096)
- Test data path must use safe guest/test names
- Support for multi case import from Polarion and Polarion as only source (#2084)
- Fix search function in docs
- Make tmt test wrapper name unique to avoid race conditions
- Change link-polarion argument default to false
- Add export plugin for JSON (#2058)
- Handle el6 as a legacy os too in virtual provision
- Hint beakerlib is old when result parsing fails
- Revert "Fix dry mode handling when running a remote plan"
- Set a new dict instance to the Plan class
- Replaces "common" object with logger in method hint logging
- Parallelize prepare and execute steps
- Formalizing guest "facts" storage
- Support urllib3 2.x and its allowed_methods/method_whitelist
- Require setuptools

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-3228901b13

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