FEDORA-2023-520bdfba87 created by remi a year ago for Fedora 37

Version 2.14.1


  • 10355: Include parameter types in hydration cache key generation thanks to @derrabus
  • 10088: Ensure consistent original data with enums thanks to @HypeMC
  • 10385: Fix initializing lazy objects and get rid of "Typed property must not be accessed before initialization" errors thanks to @nicolas-grekas


  • 10412: Adding link to Attributes reference thanks to @ThomasLandauer
  • 10399: Fix DDL example for Mapped Superclasses thanks to @mpdude
  • 10396: Document the meanings of 'inherited' and 'declared' in field mapping information thanks to @mpdude
  • 10394: Write down what "transient" means thanks to @mpdude
  • 10393: Place a warning about the uses of traits in the documentation thanks to @mpdude
  • 10377: fix typo for missing a comma thanks to @fauVictor
  • 10368: Docs: Removing type: 'integer' from mappings thanks to @ThomasLandauer
  • 10364: Docs: Moving attributes mapping to first position thanks to @ThomasLandauer
  • 10363: Docs: Deleting duplicate mapping example thanks to @ThomasLandauer
  • 10357: Shorter deprecation message thanks to @derrabus
  • 10327: Improve and fix TypedFieldMapper docs thanks to @michnovka
  • 10276: Added warning about query cache in relation to parameters thanks to @antman3351


  • 10404: Stop allowing phpbench's master branch thanks to @greg0ire
  • 10328: Require dev version of phpbench thanks to @greg0ire


  • 10395: Sync variable name with class name thanks to @greg0ire
  • 10342: Add Fully-Qualified class name in UnrecognizedField exception thanks to @Kern046

Static Analysis

  • 10390: Use more accurate phpdoc for OptimisticLockException thanks to @greg0ire
  • 10382: PHPStan 1.9.8, Psalm 5.4.0 thanks to @derrabus
  • 10359: PHPStan 1.9.5 thanks to @derrabus
  • 10343: Fix Psalm errors with Collection 2.1.2 thanks to @derrabus

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-520bdfba87

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